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just scored this have a few ?'s

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(not allowed to post pics in the reloading forum?)

over 1100 bullets most are 180 gr XTP JHP's
200 new brass about 20 once fired
Lyman carbide dies
2 cases and a 10mm reloading book

not bad for $180 to my door IMO

Do I need to get a taper crimp die or can a get a decent taper with the seating die? I have never reloaded the 10mm before.
The 300 bullets in the bags are labeled as 180gr TMJ HP and that's it, would it be wise to not push these too hot?

I got a good deal on a G20 a few weeks ago so I figured why not make some real loads for it as BB/Swamp Fox is too damn expensive. I have a LW barrel and 22lb spring one the way.
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Yeah, it's ridiculous that this forum is not setup to allow pictures. I hate it. That sounds like you got one hell of a deal! About your questions. First, I would get a Lee FCD (Factory Crimp Die). They are cheap (I think $15-30), and they are great. The adjustment is super easy, and it sizes brass a second time as it crimps it. Also, you can use a $15 Lee Bulge Buster kit to do full-length resizing with the Lee FCD. However, you CAN do a taper crimp with the seating die. It SHOULD be a combination seating/crimping die. The best way to use a die like that is to seat in one step, then crimp separately, but you CAN seat and crimp together. However, that can damage plated bullets, and even crumple some brass if you don't set it right.

You don't know what brand those TMJ HPs are? If not, I wouldn't push them hard. I would take a knife to them, and see if they are plated. I bet they are. If so, conventional wisdom says not to push them beyond about 1100-1200fps. They can start to eat through the plate and either cause tumbling or leading. That could even lead to excess pressure. Without knowing what they are, keep them mild.

Good job on the great deal for both the G20 and the loading setup. I'm sure you're gonna love it!
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