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Just picked up a new Glock 26 Gen 4. Couldn't find any Gen 5s

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I was looking for a Glock 26 Gen 5, but they are scarce in my area. However, I did hold a G17 Gen 5 and did not like the way it felt without the finger grooves. Not sure if it would have been different with the G26 Gen 5. I'm still overly excited to be reunited with a Gen 4 G26. Should have never sold my previous one. Can't wait to take it and my Ruger LCP2 to the range Saturday morning.

I saved plenty of G26 mags from my previous one and they all have the floorplates on them. Not sure if the site is still in business.
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My twin daughters each have a Gen 4 26. Great gun. We just got back from the indoor range and had a blast with them. Little monsters are rapid fire dreams come true. Finger grooves are meh, either way. It's only two fingers....can't hardly go wrong.

We shot some NATO ammo as well as some neutered WWB 115 gr. All without a hitch. One of the G26's seems to be pretty spot on. The other is a little high, but in the middle. First time I got to do some elbow rest shooting, with them. Good times.
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