Just got my CA D-9 zone buck with my .243

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by -, Oct 2, 2003.

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    I shot a nice 3x2 buck yesterday in zone D-9. I used my Ruger M77 Mark II with a regular Winchester .243 100gr soft point and my Bushnell scope. The range was 219 yards (according to my laser range finder). I hit the deer on a slightly parting shot in the right rib cage area, just behind the "sweet spot". The bullet hit the deer partially in the right lung and then hit it's heart. The bullet mushroomed beautifully.

    I love it when people say a .243 isn't big enough for deer. I've never been let down by a .243.

    What's more amazing is that my buddy I hunted with used his .222 Remington. He handloads a 55gr SP to the equivelant of a hot loaded .223 Remington. He bagged a nice forked-horn buck the day before at 173 yards.

    Shot placement is the key.

    Now I gotta get my bear. (I'll be using my Remington model-7 in .308 for that job.)