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Just give me the damn gas!!!!

  1. Please re-enter your card.
    Credit or Debit?
    Are you a rewards member?
    Enter your 5 digit zip code.
    Do you want a car wash?
    Do you want a receipt?
    Select grade.

    Please see cashier for receipt.
  2. NJ is your answer

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  3. Real world problems.
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  5. Related to that, I try to use Shell gas in our cars, premium in this case. Don't say that's a waste, both cars are specified to need premium, high HP engines.

    I am positive the older of the two has had a smoother idle and better response since I began using only Shell.

    Here in a town NW of San Antonio, the most convenient Shell has pumps out of order on almost a continual basis, sometimes 2 or 3 pumps. Question the people working at the quick stop and you get the shoulder shrug of "I don't care, don't bother me."

    This is 3rd world bull, it's not rocket science to keep pumps working. Called the Shell distributor, hasn't gotten any better. Don
  6. Things that waste our time...

    How about leaving a voice message?

    "The number you reached 5-5-5-5-5-5-1-2-1-2 (I know who I effing called) is not available (No ****? Not available you say?), to leave a call back number press one (Who does this?), or just stay on the line. Leave a message at the sound of the beep...........beep."

    Holy crap who doesn't know how to leave a voicemail?
  7. I can't think of a single thing that comes from NJ that should be held up as a postive example.

    Forcing drivers to pay for some bozo to pump your gas, giving you an inflated price is bureaucratic corruption but NJ is good at that. Don
  8. Frank Sinatra came from New Jersey, enough said.
  9. Same type of garbage at retail stores. Zip code? Phone number? Rewards member? Would you like to join, blah, blah, blah. Just let me pay for my chit and be on my way.
  10. I don't know, my wife was pushing hard for Oregon there for a while, when she found out they had to pump your gas for you. :)
  11. Cash is king.
  12. Try stuffing it in the CC reader and see how that works for the King ;)
  13. That's a stupid comment.
  14. Stupid like commenting "Cash is king" on a thread about paying at the pump?
  15. Even here in the boonies of Maine, a lot of the pumps will take cash.
    I've always wondered how much "regular 10% ethanol" gas I get when I select the non-ethanol stuff from the one hose pumps.
  16. Press 1 for English.....
  17. More accurately using a card at the pump. Pay cash inside and get a discount too and avoid all the other angst the OP is experiencing.
  18. I've not seen one that accepts cash (without going inside and giving it to a clerk).

    No telling on the ethanol situation.
  19. Buy a Tesla?
  20. Except for the convenience of paying at the pump or having to carry around cash or going to an ATM to retrieve cash.... Sure. Not all stations offer a cash discount either.

    You did give me a good idea though about a GT poll to see who actually carries cash anymore.
  21. Anyone who doesn't carry cash is a sheep, complacent in having their location and purchasing habits tracked.

    How is going to an ATM more difficult than using a card at a gas pump?

    American men have become so *********.

  22. It's not more difficult it's an EXTRA step that isn't necessary. You've got to be pretty wound tight with the old tin foil hat to think people would bother tracking gas purchases but not your ATM withdrawls. Same with your location, bet you own a phone.
  23. F THAT!

    After 5 minutes of waiting in line behind Captain Undecided Scratch-Offs and Sally EBT on these Energy drinks......
    Me: Fill up on 4
    Them: I need an exact amount
    Me: I don't know how much it will take to fill it.
    Them: blank stare...
    Me: I'll take $40 on Pump 4.
    Them: regular?"
    Me: Sure.

    Pumping gas.... clicks off at $37.55.

    Now I get to wait in line for another 5 minutes to get my $2.45.
  24. I only use 3 local stations, ALL give a $.03-.06 discount for cash.
    And NEVER use a debit card …...for a $30.00 gas purchase you could end up with a $100.00 "hold" on the account for 24 hrs. Happened to the wife, not me, I've used cash only for gas ever since the days of "Sunoco 260" at a whopping $.59.9/gallon. Which was an investment when you were street racing for 50 bucks a gear !

    have to add, I REFUSE to patronize a station that requires "Pre-Pay" . One of the local ones I use doesn't even have the new electronic pumps for their diesel, it's on the honor system. And patronized by a lot of the contractors & landscapers in the area !

  25. I fill up twice day with a debit card and that has never happened to me in 13 years in this job.
  26. That's not what I think at all. The bank might have a record of my withdraws but it ends there. All of my tracking and location services that I have control of on my phone are set to off.

  27. Sounds like your indoor experience is as frustrating as paying at the pump. No win situation for you.
  28. Your location is pinged every time your phone checks to see if it's within range of a tower. So.... several times per minute. Your ATM transactions are just as easily monitored as your debit card purchases. Doesn't matter if you use it to draw cash or make a purchase.
  29. Just pump the rest into the trash can, that's what I do if the cashier crosses me wrong.
  30. The bank has a record of my withdraw. How are my cash transactions from that point forward easily monitored?
  31. Indoor is WAY worse.

    And your phone is tracking everywhere you go anyway.
  32. I just learned yet again that GT'ers will argue over anyF'ingthing!


  33. Anytime you use the card the same record is made. Doesn't matter where you use it.

    A better questions is who do you think is tracking your purchases besides your bank? If you think some nefarious third party is seeing your transactions they are getting that info from the bank, not the location you made the purchase or withdrew the cash.
  34. Well, you choose what you perceive as the lesser of two evils. Stop complaining about what you experience at the pump.

    Mobil stations in my AO have "Speedpass" Hold the key thing up to the pump and it turns on.
  35. Yep.

    Make me, boy.

    Good for you.
  36. Maybe it's an individual bank policy, I'm not sure.
    All I ever use is cash for anything, the old farmer's idea....If I don't have the cash, I can't afford to buy it. Only thing I owe on is the house, and that's because the accountant told me I needed a mortgage for tax reasons ! (Could have paid cash for that too !) ;)
    Yeah, I worked HARD for a living & was taught by my parents to not live beyond my means, and to save more than I spent ! Makes retirement a LOT easier !

    uncle albert
  37. I once round house kicked a fill pump so hard they had to re pour the concrete slab it sat on.
  38. The lesser of two evils IMO would be the time suck. Anything that gets me back on the road faster helps.

    I don't use a station regularly except for my return trip so I end up filling up wherever I happen to be that day. Haven't seen the Speedpass option but I tend to seek out Shell stations. I'll have to check that one out.
  39. You think people are paying for gas at the pump with a credit card because they need to buy gas on credit due to a lack of having the money to afford gas?
  40. I wasn't quoting you nor was my comment directed at you. Relax.
  41. He's just a troll...

  42. Well... a little up tight over a joke, that's for sure.
  43. Maybe not if I was a "Gold Member" LOL!
  44. Lighten Up Francis
  45. You can't be a gold member.

    No way to pay cash for it....
  46. I said, "LOL"
  47. Just go to a different gas station.
  48. Baaaaaa.
    Why do i care if someone knows how much gas i buy?
  49. All your other posts negated that
  50. If you don't care then there is no reason for any comment on either of our part unless you just felt like you were being left out of the spat.