Just finished setting up the XD-45C

Discussion in 'The XD Club' started by recondoc, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Jun 21, 2002
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    Last Thursday, I decided that I was buying a XD-45C Tactical that I'd seen in a local shop. $530 out the door on a new gun and I figure it was a good deal. So, before I bought the gun, I went on and ordered the Springer Trigger kit, Stainless Guide Rod and a set of Heinie Slant Pros.
    On Friday, I actually bought the gun and then started tearing it apart and putting it back together again so that I'd have a good familiarity with it when my parts arrived.
    Saturday, I decided that I wanted to do a polish job on the trigger face. I also decided that I wanted my the grip stippled like I had done on previous Glock pistols I've owned. (To me, it really makes a difference in handling and overall comfort.) I broke out the 25 watt soldering iron with a chisel tip and went at it. (Mind you all, that my Wife considers me completely nuts to do this with a brand new pistol)
    Sunday, I took the day off and just decided to do some dry firing while I decided if there was anything else I wanted to do with it. Nope..just enjoyed some family time.
    Today (Monday) my parts arrived from Brownell's. The parts install and trigger tuning took me about 2 hours. I wanted it set, like the guys at Springer show with the sear being able to trip the striker without any spring pressure. I was able to achieve this without any overtravel after the break. There is still a bit of creep/takeup but it's very smooth and consistently predictable. (I'm using the lower power striker spring right now and will also try the setup with the factory and extra power springs to see what I like best. There is a vast improvement any way you cut it. I also like the way the trigger now sits prior to engaging. The trigger safety still engages just fine but there is a huge reduction in the takeup.
    The guide rod dropped right in the the added weight up front feels really good with the, already, weight forward design of the gun. It reminds me of a heavy barrel, .22 match gun in balance.
    The sights were a bugger to swap out. I managed to break my brass punch off with an errant whack (this also marred my slide by canting the slide over in the padded vice beyond the leather pad. OUch but not the end of the world for a shooter.)
    Now I'm just going nuts to see how the entire package shoots.