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Just do it.

  1. We have the votes to confirm, what's the point of even having hearings? Don't give the Dems a chance to turn this into another circus like they did with Justice Cavanaugh.

    Just have the vote and spare Judge Barrett's family all that torture.
  2. Do it ASAP !!!!!!!!!
  3. The hearings hold no purpose. If President Trump nominated Mother Theresa, the dems would bash her and vote no.

    Every Senator knows how they will vote already. Just vote.
  4. We want the Pedocrats to be on record with their rhetoric and bitterness, IMHO
  5. The bigger the circus, the more despicable the Democrats will appear to Independents. They will lose votes with every attack.

    Happyguy :)
  6. As much as I would enjoy watching the Dems self-destruct, it's not worth putting that woman's children through that.
  7. That woman is tough as nails, if we are taking about Amy.

    Cowgirl up.

    Happyguy :)
  8. I know Judge Barrett is tough enough to handle it. But I was thinking of her seven children. Why make them watch their mother being trashed by a bunch of leftist thugs?
  9. Well, given that she's dead and knew nothing about the U.S. Constitution, I'd have to agree with them.
  10. They are already on record proving exactly what they are.

    Vote now and get the SC back where it needs to be!
  11. Kinda fun to watch the nuclear option that the dems were so proud of come back to bite them on the ass, isn’t it?
  13. Harry Reid. The hero we don't deserve.

  14. Announce Saturday.
    Vote Monday.
    Hmm...How's Justice Breyer feeling these days?
  15. Agree ram it down the Dems throat.
    They do it to us.
    All out political war!
  16. I wish he was going quail hunting in TX next week.

  17. It's okay--when "Dr." Christine BlaSey Ford is paid to testify that she just now 'remembered' that it was actually Judge Barrett--NOT Kavanaugh--who molested her at the party no one remembers attending, in a house no one can locate, on a day and time she hasn't a clue about, Barrett's 7 kids will know it's all a bunch of Liberal lies. Because there is a pattern of such lying. Other examples: The Smollet Fairy Tale. The Bubba Walker death threat Myth. Tawana Freaking Brawley. Heck, they tried it on Clarence Thomas, and he is BLACK, for crying out loud.
  18. Votes to confirm? I am not so sure about that. I heard what Sen Romney said and what he didn't say. He never said he would vote yes.
  19. Between now and the election, the focus (and the news) is going to be the Supreme Court Justice confirmation. It’s a forgone conclusion that it’s going to happen. Everything else is going to take a back seat, which I think is a good thing.
  20. Irony, especially in this setting where the bitees will be that slimy weasel Schumer and drunken, Parkinsonian witch Pelosi will make it just that much better. A few others will be added to this pile accordingly (looking at you Dick Durbin, Eric Swallwell and Diane Feinstein).
  21. I heard what you heard. What he said was very carefully worded.
  22. Confirm? What fun is that? Let's wait for someone to step forward and say they were brushed in a sexual manner the hallway in the third grade.
  23. Since you continually choose to be obtuse and sarcastic like a petulant child I will go to the trouble of explaining it to you. I believe the post refers to Mother Teresa's character, not her actual knowledge of US constitutionality. The fact that she is deceased has no bearing on her character. Please do try to keep up.
  24. Democrats already eating their own and want Feinstein to step down and let a man handle what they are doing , she is starting to look and sound like the crypt keeper at a spry 87.

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  25. They just grilled Judge Barrett three years ago when she was confirmed for the 7th Circuit. Why bother doing it again? Just have the vote.
  26. "With the exception of appointments to cabinet departments and the Supreme Court, most rejections in modern times have taken place at the committee level, either through inaction, or by a vote not to send the nomination to the Senate floor. Before the 1860s, the Senate considered most nominations without referring them to the committee holding jurisdiction over the vacant post. The Senate rules of 1868, for the first time, provided for the referral of nominations to "appropriate committees." Not until the middle of the twentieth century, however, did those committees routinely require nominees for major positions to appear in person."

    I agree- just do it. Nominate then vote.

  27. Agree! Those demoncrats sure made Judge Kavanagh's hearing a grueling attack for him and his family. Don't need to see that ever happen again.
  28. And don't forget that "runt" Nadler. He needs to sit on three law books so he can see over his desk. And then "pencil-neck" Shifty Schiff. Every time he comes on TV with his eye-balls have bugged out, our cat runs and hides behind the couch.

  29. Women yappers have been protesting that opportunities were denied to them because of their gender. Selecting one candidate from a pool of qualified people because of her gender is exactly what they've been complaining about but this time, in their favor! WTH!

    Ted Cruz has heavy experience in the SCOTUS and knows how the court operates. His stand in support of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is the stuff legends are made of! Ted Cruz is my choice to replace Justice Ginzburg. Unfortunately, Senator Cruz stated that he did not want the job.

  30. So don’t vet a SCOTUS candidate- that sounds like a brilliant idea, given the ramifications.
  31. It’s a job interview for one of the most important jobs in the world, it’s supposed to be tough.
  32. Seriously? THAT tough? When liars are brought in to falsely testify about past, false, allegations? Get serious.
  33. She’s already been vetted and has a record .
    No need for senate hearings their role is advise and approve, that’s it.

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  34. If they were to bypass the hearings they would likely lose more R votes which they can't afford.
  35. If it is Barrett, she has been vetted.

    Barrett was nominated to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals by President Donald Trump on May 8, 2017 and confirmed by the Senate on October 31, 2017. That public confirmation hearing was a pathetic circus where she was excoriated for being a Catholic and probably because she disagrees with murdering unborn children.

    If it is Lagoa she was also vetted and confirmed to United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit by a vote of 80-15. But clearly she is not qualified to serve on the Supreme court because she is not an atheist and has been praised by Evangelicals.

    We need another public high tech lynching of a well qualified Supreme Court justice like we need a hole in the head.
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  37. It isn't a job interview, it is a freaking political witch hunt. A blind person could see that.
  38. Nominate her on Saturday
    Confirm her on Monday
    Seat her on Tuesday
  39. Exactly. There is no requirement for a hearing. The senate's only requirement is to evaluate the nominee and then confirm or not confirm. The form that evaluation takes is up to the senate, but there is no requirement for a judicial committee hearing and the circus that comes with it.

  40. You don't promote someone to one of the highest offices in the world without giving them a thorough examination. If they can't handle that, maybe they aren't cut out for the job.
  41. I want to see what she has to say. Therefore, I say go with a hearing.
  42. Yeah, that makes it OK for the Democrats to mount a smear campaign of lies and patently false accusations. Just because they don't like where she comes from.

    Nope, screw the Democrats and all their defenders.

    The Democrats started this and now that they are on the receiving end they threaten to destroy the very institution they want to control for temporary advantage.

    **** the Democrats.

    Happyguy :)
  43. I know how your cat feels!
  44. :dancingbanana::dancingbanana::dancingbanana:
  45. The dems proved to the World that they have no class and do not deserve a right to speak. Come on Man, do you expect Harris, Booker, Swalwell, Waters, Feinstein, or any of those other scum bags to actually say anything useful? Pelosi, Shumer .... it's amazing how long the list of these hateful people is .....
  46. Let the confirmation hearings begin. It will take many of them off the campaign trail. It will clog the TV for days. It will once again show what dirtbags the democrats really are. This will get the attention of the ones sitting on the fence, and may sway them towards Trump.

    Let the hazing begin!

  47. Not I, sir! And if a hearing before the house, is not really necessary and only a polite "gesture", then the heck with all those demoncrat miscreants! As was posted above, swear her in on Tuesday. :waving:
  48. For that matter, how's Clarence Thomas doing?

    I'd hate to lose him, but if he decided to "strategically" retire with Pres. Trump still in office......a young originalist conservative could help in the fight to keep Roberts, Kagan, Sotomayor from screwing us on down the line......
  49. We owe the dems NOTHING.

    Fill the seat!