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Just called Eds Public Safety....

  1. ....and ordered a SPANKIN' NEW GLOCK 35 ! They are installing a set of Ameriglo Classic night sights on it right now. It will ship out tomorrow at the latest.Tried to order from Glock directly, but they said it would take 8-10 weeks to ship.Got the same discount from Ed's.Very nice people to deal with and very prompt,courteous service.A big +1 for Ed's...:banana:
  2. Congrats, on the G35!
    Make sure you stay away from UPS! :rant:

  3. Ed runs a Class Organization and is one of the Top Glock Dealers in the country. You will love the G35. I really like mine. I was in Ed's on Tuesday getting more mags for my G19.
  4. X2 he runs a great business and has a bunch of great folks running it for him lol.... IMO