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Just built my new gaming rig....

  1. Specs:
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 (Overclocked, more on that later.)
    Thermaltake BigWater SE Watercooling System
    MSI P965 Platinum Motherboard
    2GB Corsair DDR2 800 RAM
    EVGA 8800GTX 768MB Superclocked (621/2000mhz)
    160GB SATA 3GB/sec WD HDD
    700W Thermaltake Toughpower
    XCLIO A380 Case
    19" Hanns-G TFT LCD Monitor - 1440x900 Native
    Logitech G7 Mouse
    Vista 32bit Home Premium (64 maybe when driver support is improved.)


    I've currently got it overclocked from it's default E6300 speed of 1.86 to 2.4GHZ and it's stable. I've been given a few pointers today on how to get more out of it so I'm gonna try that when I get home. Things have changed a little bit in the overclocking world since my last system, so I just had to be brought up to speed. The CPU stays very cool even while it's overvolted and overclocked thanks to the watercooling.

    Obviously this system runs pretty much EVERYTHING like a charm...

  2. Wow, nice!
    Let me pick your brain, if you don't mind. I am attempting to build a computer. What features of the MSI motherboard helped you pick that one over other motherboards?
  3. If you don't mind me asking, what did that set up run you? I want to get something that will run FSX with no problem.
  4. The core setup was about $1700 monitor included. I added the $109 watercooling system a little later (The rig had been shipped but I was waiting for it to come in.)

    THe video card is definitely the most expensive component. Since it was stock overclocked and it's a brand new card, it was $609.
  5. Looks nice. Did you look at / think about dual graphics cards? I have no idea whether it is worth it, but I have read that more than a few people are getting dual cards.
  6. -dupe post-
  7. Well, at the price of these cards I wouldn't even consider dual cards at this stage of the game. You need about 850 watts of power for dual cards as well. Down the road a year or so when this model is relatively cheap, I'll definitely think about buying a second one.

    Right now very few people are getting SLI cards and VERY VERY few people are getting SLI 8800's at the prices they currently are.
  8. With the release of Supreme Commander, I had to get up to speed myself. Well at least closer...

    I just couldn't convince myself to spring for the 8800GTX. Even the GT seemed excessive. I wimped out and got the 7950GT/512. I sprung for the Abit 975x board, an E6400 and a Raptor 150, but I still don't see how you got into all that for $1700. I made some big cuts to get to $1500, and I didn't get a monitor, or a ($100) mouse. Where do you shop?

    I soooo tried to talk myself into the GTX... just couldn't justify it.

    Try Supreme Commander, seems it's capable of kicking anything that doesn't say Cray on the side right in the teeth. My parts start showing up tomorrow, so I should be up by Friday night. We'll see how it goes. With my luck something will be boned up and I'll be screwed all weekend.
  9. I went to Frys and added a few things to what I originally had, so the price went up a bit. I added those items to my newegg wishlist to get an idea about the TOTAL price.

    The ram WAS $209 and right now it's $280, so take $71 off the total price if it's still showing as $280 when you read this.


    It came to around $1900 after all was said and done.

    I played supreme commander, by the way. I had all the options, including AF and AA cranked all the way up and at 1440x900 my system ran it liquid smooth.

    I tried C&C3:TW as well (the demo just came out) and it ran that the same way.

    Nothing really stresses this system...