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    I bought a police trade-in G23 in 2007 for $379 and it came with three 13rd mags and tupperware case. Its a Gen 3 with "Restricted LE/GOV only" on the mags, and CVM serial range. I assume it was made in 1998/1999, it doesn't have the Load Chamber Indicator (LCI) that post 2002 glocks have. Anyway, I bought some goodies for it today that i have been wanting to get.

    *Factory G32 .357 Sig Barrel

    *LCI Kit- (1) extractor w/LCI, (1) extractor depressor plunger, (1) extractor depressor plunger spring, (1) spring loaded bearing (just to update it, to like the post 2002 G23's)

    *Lone Wolf 9mm Conversion Barrel

    *Two G19 Mags

    *3 new G23 mag springs (my mags are kinda old)

    *Glock 9mm Extractor and Spring Loaded bearing

    So i'll be able to shoot .40 S&W, .357 Sig, and 9mm. (I already have lots of .40 and 9mm ammo for other guns). I shot a guy's G23 at the range with the 32 barrel in it and it shot like a dream, so i suspect as with most glocks, i'll have no issues.:thumbsup:

    PS, i got a discount from glockstore.com and it looked to be about 10pct off.
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    Nice to own a Glock that you can do so much with