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Just bought a new Glock 26 Gen5

  1. Just bought a new Glock 26 Gen5. Tomorrow I'm off to Academy for some JHP's for it.
    I only have ball at the house.

  2. Nice buy. With the micro compacts all the rage, the 26 is a forgotten classic.
  3. I played with a few of these, but it just wasn't for me. I loved something about my former G27 way more than my former G42. Even though it's more difficult to have on my all day, I just love the "feel" of the G26/27's.
  4. G26 Is THE Classic Sub Compact 10 round 9mm that all others are compared to. That’s saying something. Almost like the .30-06 bolt action hunting rifle.
    Nice purchase, been think of getting one myself. But I already own the G27...
  5. I prefer the G26/27 also if it were my only concealed carry gun. They are still slim enough and have a short grip to prevent printing. A big plus is the back up mag can be a G17/22 or larger. In this day and age capacity is important.
  6. Congrats. They are great guns, especially If you have larger hands, need that beefier grip, and still conceals & shoots well.
  7. Congrats!!!
  8. very noice!
  9. Congrat`s Shadowlands! I love my G26-4. I`m trying not to buy the G5 though. It wont do anything different than my G4. But damn, i really like the look without the finger bumps. Yet again, my G4 with the finger bumps is not an issue for me. I wish i could hate my G4, but i dont...lol. Let us know how it works out! And the ammo you ran in it.

    Be safe ;)
  10. My G26.3 is a great, great pistol. I love the feel of those grooveless gen 5s, too.

    Enjoy it!
  11. Thanks. I love the Gen3 and Gen4 also.
  12. Congrats on a great new shooter!
  13. Should have kept the G27. This is like trading a V8 for a 4 banger. Nice gun, but wrong caliber. If it makes you happy though... Congrats.
  14. OP, you only have ball Ammo at home?

  15. Your prior G-27 experience and training will be a plus, as well as holsters and gear you swap out from that former carry package.
    You'll have a lot of fun with your new friend. Glock night sights, and an extended slide stop change out is all I would do, that and shoot the $#!+ out of it.
  16. Good luck with it and have fun!
    I once had a G27 and couldn't get used to the grip. I wound up buying a spacer to use the 13 round mag. Then it was too heavy. Fast forward…now I have a G43 that is perfect for me.
  17. You got rid of your G27?
  18. Congrats!

    The 26 is a great gun
  19. Congrats again and this answers the question I asked in another thread about the G27. Why did you sell/trade it? Not that the G26.5 is a bad purchase at all, just wondering why you didn't just get a conversion barrel for the G27 and have both calibers.

    On a side note, not that I'd recommend it, but you can shoot 9mm out of a .40 magazine. I did it by accident years ago. I use to have both a G19 and G23. During my annual qualification with the G19 I realized I had grabbed one of the G23 mags out of the safe. I was more than halfway through the requal when I realized I was carrying two G19 mags and one G23 mag. And I'd already shot the G23 mag and it ran flawless.
  20. Congratulations on the 26. It is a great, versatile gun. I bought a Gen 4 a few months back and like it real well. If I have to go into a dangerous area, I carry the stock mag and two happy sticks. I feel well-armed. Glad it is in my arsenal.
  21. Nice. I’ve actually been kicking around the idea of selling my 26 and getting a 27.
  22. Like I mentioned earlier, I love the G26. But, the G27 has the advantage that it can be a 3-in-1 caliber handgun.
  23. Nice! My 26.5 is my favorite pistol. I carry it or my 43x now and both are equally comfortable to me. If I had only one it'd be the 26

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  24. Congrats.

    You might want to plunk test the ammo first, just in case of a short throat. It might save some palpitations and ammo.

    Have carried and competed with this backup platform since the late 90’s and was always impressed with performance.
    I still have (3) 26’s left and in the right hands outperforms many larger platforms.

  25. Congrats on the G26.
  26. Congrats OP. I hope the pistol turns out to be what you hoped for.
    You have no JHP at home?
  27. So as to keep the thread from falling into worthlessness:

  28. While I agree the 26 is often overlooked for newer slimmer. I never thought I would see a 26 referred to as a classic.
  29. Get some of the OEM 12 round magazines I have two for mine, makes it much more enjoyable to shoot for me.
  30. Not anymore. Went shopping today.

  31. One of my favorites.

  32. There are some small but, IMO, significant improvements in the Gen 5. My favorites are the marksman barrel, which really did improve my accuracy vs. my Gen 4, and the captured trigger spring.

    Do it. You know you want to.
  33. Good luck with your new toy
  34. Go for it
  35. OK, glad you finally got some JHP. Down the road experiment with Federal HST 124/147 gr standard pressure and 124 Gold Dot standard pressure. Either of those two would be excellent choices.
    Just my unsolicited .02 worth
  36. The G26 was the most surprising pistol to me of any I can think of. Meaning, I could not believe how close to printing on paper, for me that is, it was to the longer barrel guns. It just shot great. I'm not talking about real long ranges. But say fifteen yards. I shot it about as well as the longer Glocks.

    I guess we all have some keepers and some we aren't married to. But the 26 is in the keeper category.
  37. LOL... i probably will. I really like the G26 format alot. I just wish mine didnt shoot as good as it does, it would make it so much easier to get the 26 in the Gen5. Oh hell, i`ll likely just buy it anyway and keep my G4 too. Can never have to many, can you? lol

    i`m going to blame shadowlands for me buying a G26-5... BAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!:couch:
  38. Congrats. I bought my 26.5 about a week ago, and I was stunned at how accurate it was out of the box. I was just pushing cheap Magtech 115 grain FMJ through it, and after a bit I started to wonder if my 34 had somehow crept into my hands.

    Enjoy it.
  39. Congrats on the 26. I have a Gen 4 that's accompanied me to a number of training classes.
  40. Both your profile picture and the gun are beautiful. I like my Gen 3 G26 but I am sure you made an excellent purchase!
  41. Appreciate that.
  42. Excellent choice! IMG_20191019_203048.jpg
  43. Enjoy!
  44. Dumb question but why is the slide lock on my brand new Glock not as black as the rest of the gun? My gen 3 Glock 27 didn't have that issue. Not a big deal. Simply cosmetic. But just curious. And yes it's that way on both sides. Rest of the gun is absolutely mint.
  45. Fine choice for CCW.

    galco OWB
  46. Got a pic of that? Mine is the same color as the slide, but shiny around the edges. Of course, it's almost a year and a half old.
  47. Sure, here you go. It's not bad but I notice it. My wife even said "I thought you bought it new?" It's mint outside of that.
    Glock26Gen59mm.JPG Glock26Gen5.JPG
  48. I thought the same thing, when I first saw your picture of the G26.5
    It looks like the slide lock is worn a lot from being carried?!
    Perhaps the new battle worn look?! As they say: Pretty is as pretty does. As long as it shoots like new, guess that’s what counts?!
  49. It is brand new but something rubbed part of the finish only on the slide locks, both sides. The gun frame and slide is mint. All three mags are mint. Oil is where it's supposed to be. But it's all good. I can live with it. I read it's more common on the Gen5's. Hit or miss.
  50. Likely fondled in the place you bought it. I`ve got a couple glocks that had the same issue. And it wouldnt matter anyway because the color rubs right off after a few times shooting it. I`ve often wondered if they were painted instead of actually blued because it rubs off to bare metal so easily.