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    Frustrated with the predominant culture in my congregation today (irreverent in worship, lack of theological convictions, Biblical illiteracy, etc.) I started teaching Sunday School the past Fall when they couldn't find adults to take on the responsibility. I am teaching children in grades 4th through 6th, a mix of boys and girls.

    To combat chronic absenteeism and tardiness (many of these children's parents are also chronically late/absent in their own adult SS groups) I started to offer rewards to the children: if you are on time, I give a piece of candy; if you come 4 times in a row, I give a larger piece of candy.

    I don't berate, dress-down, speak-ill of children that are either late or absent (when they come the following week). They do not receive candy from me though, even when they ask if they could have one later. Yes, it's kind of heart-wrenching to not give them anything, but I power through it since I'm trying to change the culture in the church from early age.

    Wife and I went to a get-together of her SS class this past Saturday. I used to attend it with wife, but it's a mess: people are so late all the time, they can't start anything until 20 minutes after the set start time. (I taught the class for a while, and started on time, but it was to no avail: wife and I would be the only ones there, so there was no point in doing it. Whenever a choice was given for study topics and a book was selected, almost no one - sometimes not even whoever was leading - prepared beforehand. Generally speaking, subjects were just fluff, and nothing in-depth was ever chosen. No one wanted to lead either. I sat through it at my wife's request, until they couldn't find a teacher for the grade I took over. I took the job and left them.)

    During this get-together, I approached the mother of a student of mine and said 'Hey, it's been great having Little Suzie in my class: she's a pleasure to have!'. The mom (one of my ex-classmates who's chronically tardy or absent) said 'Yeah, she's just not crazy about being punished for being tardy all the time. I told her that if she wants to be on time to SS, she needs to be helping me in the morning getting everything ready, and not playing with her baby brother. Hahah, now I made you feel bad for not letting her play with her baby brother, right?'

    I was rather surprised, and managed to mumble something non-committal in return, and wandered away. Then, the more I thought about it, the more I thought how idiotic her whole perspective was.

    - Isn't her responsibility as a mother to get the kids ready?
    - Her child is not being 'punished' for being late: she's just not receiving a reward for being on time.

    I keep debating whether or not to talk to her about this: their Sunday School group is for young adults with small children. It's supposed to be a group where this demographic supports and encourages each other in growing their children in the faith. Obviously she has some perspective issues. What would you do, and how?
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