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Discussion in 'GSSF' started by JWG_34, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Jan 23, 2002
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    Ok guys, We have had a little venting ,and now is the time to take a little action on our part.

    Yes I was frustrated,Buti did very much enjoy the fellowship with all the good freinds at Fort Benning.

    But to the point:
    My suggestion is,That wheather we do or not ,All of us that shoot any of the GSSF matches go to gssfonline,com and read and reread the Ro instructions.

    Then we will /may be able to head off any problems at future matches.
    Just 2 cent suggestion!

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    i use to carry a copy of the rules with me "just in case" but never did need to break them out. i started to carry them after an RO somewhere (indy i think) gave me hell for closing the slide and snapping the trigger before i put the gun in my bag, per the rules.

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    Apr 27, 2002
    I dont think ive seen 2 ranges or sets of RO's do things the same yet. At Benning i noticed they were instructing shooters to dry fire the gun then place it in the bag sort of like IDPA after youve finished a stage before reholstering. Most other places ive been to want the slide locked back then placed in the bag.

    Go figure

    orderly, proficient, military manner ;)
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    Jan 23, 2002
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    This straight from the gssfonline web site ,instructions for the chief range officer:
    It does say to let slide forward and pull trigger before bagging gun,after slide has been locked back !!!!

    "Be sure all spectators and competitors are wearing adequate eye and ear protection.

    Be sure all targets are pasted, steel is reset and range is clear before the “Load and make ready command”.

    Ask competitor if they understand the course of fire and if they want a sight picture.
    Once competitor is satisfied, direct the competitor to “Load and make ready”.

    Direct the competitor to take the ready position (elbows touching ribcage, muzzle parallel to ground or below) and resume range commands.

    Ask shooter “Are you ready?”

    Do not ask them to “nod when ready”. If they do not respond, move onto next command.

    Give “Standby” command once shooter indicates they are ready.

    Wait 1-3 seconds before activating timer/buzzer. Stay on the competitors strong hand side and position timer slightly behind shoulder.

    Keep your eyes on the pistol. Not on the targets.
    The scorekeeper will verify targets were engaged in the correct manner.

    After the competitor completes the CoF, say “If you are finished, unload and show clear”.

    After confirming an unloaded firearm and the pistol is pointed at the berm, ask
    “If gun is clear, slide down, pull trigger and lock slide back.”

    Competitors wishing to place pistol in a range bag/GLOCK box may do so after the “pull trigger” command."

    Everyone should have a copy of this with him or her just in case.
    Another 2 cents!
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    Mar 30, 2004
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    At Brighton last year is where I first noticed it. I started to keep the slide back and the RO told me to put it forward and dry fire once, then bag it. I never had the ROs do that before, but that's what they did at Michigan. I noticed it also at Lexington last year, although not the year before. I thought in GSSF outdoor matches you had to have the slide back at all times, where in your bag or in a holster?:rollsmiley: :rollsmiley:
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    Apr 6, 2001
    I think the "ambiguity" of slide-state rules comes from having two accepted modes of gun transport. If carried in the old-style tupperware box, the slide MUST be CLOSED.

    OTOH, if carried in a holster, the slide MUST be OPEN in GSSF. This is the opposite of USPSA, where guns MUST be holstered slide-CLOSED. Many of the dedicated volunteer RO's come from an IPSC/USPSA background, and go through the "unload and show clear ... if you are clear, drop slide, drop hammer, holster" every weekend. Then comes the GSSF weekend, and IF THEY WERE AT THE RO MEETING, they found out that GSSF - from their perspective - is backward in this respect.

    I think USPSA is backwards. Slide OPEN seems safer to me.

    Where there is room in a bag, I lock the slide back, although the rule says "Competitors wishing to place pistol in a range bag/GLOCK box MAY do so after the “pull trigger” command." I read that as competitor choice, NOT RO choice. Either way works, though, so I'd just do whatever the RO asked.

    "Be safe. Have fun."
    . . . As Chris and Scott say.

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    Nov 25, 2000
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    70.10 GSSF matches are conducted as “cold” ranges.
    No participants, including law enforcement
    officers and civilians with concealed carry
    permits, may carry loaded firearms. Except
    when actually on the firing line and under the direct
    supervision of a range officer, all firearms must be
    unloaded with the magazine out, the chamber empty
    with the slide locked to the rear. As a basic safety
    precaution, we require that all GSSF competitors
    refrain from handling their firearms any more than is
    absolutely necessary to compete in the match.
    Firearms can only be handled when:
    1. You are under range officer supervision
    (usually on the firing line itself while no
    one is downrange of you).
    2. You are dealing with the GLOCK Armorer.
    3. You are in a designated Safety Zone.
    If you handle your firearm at any other time
    or anywhere other than a designated safety
    area, you risk being disqualified from any
    further participation in the match due to
    unsafe gun handling practices.
    Acceptable means to transport your firearm:
    1. Unloaded with the slide locked to the rear in a
    holster that safely retains your GLOCK pistol.
    2. Unloaded in a closed GLOCK box.
    3. Unloaded in a shooting bag, box, briefcase,
    backpack, or similar container.
    At GSSF matches, it is never appropriate to carry
    a firearm from one place to another in your hand
    unless it is inside one of the acceptable means