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Just a few tips

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by TenMil, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. TenMil

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    Jan 23, 2002
    The American South
    Love the site.
    My favorite part has to be the For Sale/Want Ads portion...
    One thing I notice about GlockTalkers who buy/sell/trade their guns is that there is a STRONG penchant for in-state deals.
    I can understand this. I personally would rather get a gun without having to fill out a 4473- But there are some things that all gun owners should know when it comes to selling a gun.
    I'm sure a lot of people already know these things, but it seems many don't.

    1) You don't have to ship a gun you are selling through a FFL dealer.
    You can ship long-guns directly through the US mail to a FFL dealer.
    You can personally ship handguns via common courier to an out of state FFL dealer.
    This means that when John in Arkansas wants to buy Bob's gun which happens to be in Minnesota, Bob can box it up, and ship it to his FFL dealer without anyone being any the wiser. The only record that is kept by the receiving FFL dealer is in his receipt logs- Meaning the name and address of who sent the gun. But you aren't required by law to provide him with this. So, you can sell your gun to an out of state resident and no one will know.

    2) There are no federal laws forbiding you from shipping a firearm DIRECTLY to a resident of your own state via common courier (UPS, Fed-EX, Ground Express...). This means that if Bob lives in Miami Florida and Bill lives in Jacksonville Florida, Bob can ship his gun directly to Bills house, even though bill isn't a FFL dealer.
    This saves many people the 4 hour "meet you halfway" drives that many endure. But beware; Although you aren't violating any laws by shipping a gun to another resident of your own state, you are violating the policy of most all Courrier services. So, if an insurance claim arises, you might have problems. That being said, I have done this 8 times now, with nary a hitch.
    This is the one people usually call "bullsh!t" on, but you can call the ATF Legal department, and they will grudgingly confirm.

    3) Handguns must be shipped overnight;
    Again. Company policy, not law.
    Packages aren't "x-rayed" as some people think. They are sometimes sniffed for drugs, but they aren't scanned for contents. So, if you pack your gun well, and make sure it isn't going to break open during transit, you can ship it any way you want (Via common courrier, NOT US mail). Again, this could pose a problem should a claim pop up. But I haven't had a problem yet, in the many times I have done it.