June DRTG Nike+ Running Challenge

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    First off I would like to congratulate special_k (Nike+ ID) for winning the May Running challenge. He ran over 104 miles placing him well in the lead for May. Thanks to everyone else who participated and we hope even more of you will join this month.

    To motivate armed professionals and responsible gun owners to get out and run in the month of June.

    Interested runners should track their runs using the Nike+/iPod Nano Sport Kit. To join the challenges please e-mail [email protected] and request to be entered into the challenge, please include the e-mail address and screen name that you use for the Nike + website.
    After we receive your e-mail we will enter your information in the challenge and you will receive a confirmation from Nike+. After you confirm your entry into the challenge your runs will automatically be tracked by the DRTG Challenge.

    To Register:
    E-Mail us at: [email protected]

    The Reward:
    Unfortunately this month the only reward will be pride of success. I don’t have the cash to give away a prize this month but I will try to come up with something good for July.

    I am looking forward to this challenge, if anyone has any questions please let me know at the e-mail address listed above.

    Thanks folks, and hopefully I won’t embarrass myself too badly this month.