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Judge Wapner dead

  1. RIP...you brought me a lot of entertainment.

  2. He certainly started something pretty big in television and entertained us.
  3. 97, though...that's a full life. We can all only hope to live that long.

    RIP, Judge.
  4. From a time when judges applied the rule of law, not the rule of what's politically expedient.

    RIP good sir.
  5. RIP Your Honor. tom.
  6. 5 minutes to Wapner.

    RIP Judge.
  7. R.I.P. Judge.
  8. Not the "wop" :(
  9. The last gray haired white male TV judge ever.

    He set the bar pretty high for TV judges, right Rusty?

    RIP. :fred:
  10. Crap I feel like I'm only days from dying.

  11. One minute to Wapner!

  12. Wapner was a trend setter, and I used to watch his show. Such shows have devolved these days, sadly.

    Bill Paxton died at 61 from surgery complications. He was one of my favorite actors.

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  13. i was really hoping it`d be Judge Wapner that signed the arrest warrant for Hillary.

    God Bless you`r Honor.
  14. I remember watching him every evening growing up. He made a lot of sense and was straight to the point. Carried it with a lot of class. I think I learned a lot from that show and gave me a good sense on how legal matters go. Watched Judge Judy a lot for a long time. RIP your Honor.
  15. Best of the genre.
  16. His son is a judge in the California Court System. I was a potential juror in his court room but they filled the jury box before they got to me.

    RIP Judge.