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    • Judge orders Fusion GPS to disclose details of its dossier work.
    • The opposition firm has avoided deposition in a dossier-related lawsuit against BuzzFeed.
    • Lawyer for plaintiff says ruling “gave us everything that we had hoped for.”
    Representatives of Fusion GPS must answer a broad array of questions about the opposition research firm’s role in creating, investigating and disseminating the infamous Steele dossier, a federal judge ruled.

    U.S. District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro issued the decision Tuesday in a defamation lawsuit a Russian tech executive filed against BuzzFeed News, which published the dossier on Jan. 10, 2017.

    http://dailycaller.com/2018/07/26/fusion-gps-dossier-buzzfeed-lawsuit/ "
  2. And the whole thing continues to unravel....
  3. The Obama admin officials and the Democrat party are hopelessly corrupt.
  4. Looks like these lawsuits, Judges, and Judicial Watch is going to keep squeezing the truth out better than our do nothing Congress.
  5. They can't comply without revealing the truth.

    They will refuse to comply.

    Either they will be forced to comply, or we will be at the same place before the ruling.

    I do not see things being moved forward.....Unless, we use the word "treason", exactly like it was intended to be used.

    Somewhere in my distant past, I seem to recall a book titled, "None dare call it treason". I never read that book, but it's title resonates with me right now. :fist:

  6. Is this the judge they're talking about?

    View: https://youtu.be/CkRtsJtWVEU
  7. The judge can order jail time for contempt without anyone in the DOJ stopping him, so....

    They will either provide the data or go to jail.

    I like that.
  8. Are theses depositions going to be made public, or are they going to be sealed?
  9. They better thank their lucky stars they have Jeff Sessions as AG.
  10. Wow, the blowback on these people is great and I hope they are financially ruined.

    I hope carter page gets rich over suing them too
  11. Speaking of Carter Page, the guy comes across as a total light weight in interviews. Total patsy. That guy got played big time.
  12. Double post
  13. Didn't a judge order Fusion GPS to turn over financial records to Congress a while back? Whatever became of that?

    I keep hearing about investigations, subpoenas, people testifying, and on and on. When the hell are we going to hear about trials!?!?!?!?!
  14. This stuff is a diversion, designed to keep something else out of the news.
    What is it?
  15. Remember Carter Page was an informant for the FBI before and during his time with the Trump campaign.

    After watching and listening to him brush this off as if he could care less, I have a feeling that he knew all about this spying and may have been one of the FBI plants.
  16. Well, the Senate conducts impeachment trials only. The DOJ does the federal prosecutions. Of course, when the DOJ does a data dump a few weeks before a trial, there will a delay. The informal federal standard is that criminal trials go before civil trials and the goal is a wrap up about a year after a case is filed. Of course, if there is a cooperating witness who has done a plea, sentencing is put off indefinitely. The state trials are more interesting. Find a way to pick up the New York trials of Cohen and his partner - has nothing to do with Trump at all.

    "Testifying" goes on all the time. That is what Congressional "hearings" are all about. A Congress person easily sits on 3-5 committees. The staff does a lot of the interviewing.

    People got bent out of shape when no Congressperson read the multi thousand page Obamacare bill. Well, they don't read the budgets either.

    Gosh, I have an idea. How about asking Adam Schiff how he can sit on multiple Congressional Committees and still have a press conference a day. Then, pick a Republican and ask the same question. Then ask Bernie Sanders who manages to sit on multiple committees, have three homes, and jet around the country campaigning right now.
  17. Humor aside, the Fusion GPS case is the critical case. No every state has libel/slander civil damage statutes. There are no federal statutes. So, the suit has the federal judge applying state law to state issues in the federal suit. I am not bothering to go on line to run a GOOGLE search on the state law. Run your own.

    I read the news just like you. Fusion GPS and the publication have resisted disclosures about reliability of sources of purported information, verification of the contents of the report, and who knew what at a particular time. Generally, it appears that the judge has rejected arguments that a newsperson's sources can not be discovered.

    There are actually multiple cases pending with the publication and Fusion GPS involved.

    So far, the value has been to expose a lack of professionalism and ethics on the part of some people in the FBI, the DOJ, news sources, and some reporters. If it takes millions of taxpayer dollars to rectify the situation, that is going to be the reality.