Judge Nicolai needs to hear from gun owners,NOW!!!!

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    The Spano Pistol permit Reform is in trouble but not dead.Spano continues to attempt to hijack the pistol license system in Westchester and turn it into a mini New York City.Judge Nicolai,responding to the outrageous and potentially illegal actions and procedures implemented by the present administration,is considering a formal overhaul of the pistol licensing system.All of the rules,regulations and restrictions constructed by the Spano administration have no basis in law.These arbitrary and capricious provisions are not authorized by state law.If Judge Nicloai decides to go strictly by state law,then the myriad of nonsensical and burdensome regulations will be stripped out.Judge Nicolai needs to hear from all gun owners in the county supporting the legally based pistol licensing system that state law authorizes.Here is a sample letter to send to Judge Nicolai.All gun owners need to copy this letter and get it to as many gun owners as possible.Sign the letter and get it to Judge Nicolai as soon as possible.Lets overturn dictator Spanos unlawful actions,NOW!!!

    Honorable Francis A. Nicolai
    District Administrative Judge, Ninth Judicial District Westchester County Courthouse
    111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd White Plains, NY 10601

    Dear Judge Nicolai,
    I am writing to you today to express my complete support of your proposal to move the pistol license application process away from the Depa!iment of Public Safety, and put it under the complete control of the judiciary, as stipulated in New York Penal code section 400.
    Your related proposal to create a special part of the court system to receive and distribute pistol license applications also is a vital part of this process, and will streamline the entire pistol licensing procedure, dramatically increasing efficiency.
    The Department of Public Safety should continue its ministerial duties by conducting background checks of first-time pistol license applicants in order to assist the judiciary in evaluating potential licensees. This will continue to assure that licenses will not be issued to ineligible or criminal individuals. Unfortunately, over the years, the Clerk's Office as well as the police have exceeded their authority and increasingly have usurped the authority of the judicial branch. This has resulted in illegal, arbitrary and capricious rules and restrictions, none of which are authorized under law. The license booklet and the additional accompanying sheets and questionnaires presently being issued to license applicants by the Clerk's office are examples of the illegal and harassing rules which have been made "on the fly" without conferring with, or seeking approval from, the judiciary. Applicants have been turned away at the counter without even having their application accepted or forwarded for a judicial decision, as is required by law. This is an illegal outrage that must be remedied. The people affected by these illegal rules and restrictions, the pistol licensees and applicants, have routinely been denied due process.
    The pistol licensing issue has become divisive, and we have recently seen the Spano administration making inflammatory statements impugning the reputation and integrity of the judiciary. These smears have no basis in fact and further prove the need for your reforms. The long record of the judiciary's fair handling of the pistol license process speaks for itself. What the pistol licensing system now needs is a firm legal framework to ensure that there can be no illegal tampering in the future, and your reform proposals will achieve just that.
    I look forward to the implementation of your plan, and I would like to commend you for facing this issue head on.