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JPoint Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by Tom D, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Tom D

    Tom D

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    Dec 21, 2012
    Woodbury, TN Cannon Cty
    JPoint Micro-Electronic Reflex Sight, 4 MOA at $299. and $35 for the mount.
    Magnification: 1x

    Does this mean an increase in the size of the object target being shot at? Like a scope?

    Elevation Adjustment Range: 125 in. @ 100 yds
    (317cm @ 100m)
    Windage Adjustment Range: 162 in. @ 100 yds
    (410cm @ 100m)

    Is that total? What would be the adjustment at 50yds? How would you raise or lower POI is you needed and adjust ment of say 2"?

    I'm trying to decide if this might be the answer. I focus on the front sight of my Model 34 and the target is very blurred. When shooting reflex sight is the process more like shooting a scope, put the dot on the target where the eye is viewing the target and the dot as one?

    Ive gotta do something. Today I experimented. I rounded up 5 pair of old prescription glasses. I found one that let me easily focus on the front sight. I found another pair that gave me a good clear 4" target black at 25yds and combined both lenses in a same frame. The lens for the front sight over the dominant eye and the other lens in the frame over my left eye , it was like i was drinking. There was a suggestion to get a pair of shooting glasses that did the same thing. Well I doubt I want to spend 300 dollars to find out if that would work, this experiment didnt.

    I paid $579 for the model 34 another $175 (measurable improvement) for the KKM barrel and with this investment $300. for the JPoint $35 for the mount I'll have $1089. invested. If I can see what Im shooting at at 50yds Its worth the investment and Id go for it.

    If my current prescription gives me a clear view of a 4" bull at 50 yds will the JPoint with the 1X slightly enlarge the target and do away with the front sight emphasis as with steel sights?

    Phew never had so much perplexing. On my Ruger Blackhawk .44mag I put a Leuplod EER and shooting it became simple. I'd like to accomplish the same thing with my Glock usinsg a reflex sight. The Ruger I deer hunt with the Glock is my paper punching tool, I hope.
  2. timd


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    Jan 10, 2010
    Getting old sucks, and aging eyes is one of the worst parts of getting old.

    A red dot reflex sight does not magnify the target. It does allow you to wear your normal prescription and keep both eyes open. You put the red dot over the target and squeeze off a round. The reflex is becoming more popular as older eyes seem to do better. The reflex mounted on the top rail would make a difficult gun to conceal, but since you are talking G34 it probably isn't a carry gun anyway.

    I do have prescription shooting glasses made by Decot with 1.50 bifocal lens square in the middle of the lens of my dominant (right) eye. My left eye lens has no magnification. This setup allows me to focus on the front sight clearly and shoot with both eyes open.

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    Jul 21, 2000
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    It is possible to have your glasses made by a low cost provider to the needs of a shooter. You just have to outline your goals to the optician. For example, "computer glasses" offer a midrange correction to your vision suitable for a computer monitor that happens to be about where the front sight is when you are on target. If you don't have astigmatism or some other eye deficiency, you can experiment with low cost "reading glasses" at the drug store and try to read a magazine held out at front sight distance. Often you can find a 1.5 or 1.75 magnification that will work.

    You are well aware that you can't have both target and sight in focus, but that is the case for everyone, even with perfect vision. Most people seek glasses that put the front sight in focus.

    The Leupold pistol reflex sight, the Burris Speedpoint, and the JP are all ways to end the problem and get everything in one sight plane. But, you have to pay to play.

    An alternate is a laser target designator. These are available for about the same price as the red dots. For example, the TLR series with a laser are about $300. Here, you get target illumination and laser designation. For defensive use, some favor this setup.