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Joliet: idpa or uspsa?

  1. Greetings Everyone,

    Are there any clubs or ranges that support idpa or uspsa events near Joliet, IL?

    I've been shooting handguns for a few years now (5 years?) and I'm looking for more then a stationary target at an indoor range (Rinks).

    I'd like something that either makes me moves with a handgun, the target moves, or multiple targets. Something challenging, and exciting.

    I am familiar with skeet and trap, which are fun as well.
  2. Join the Illinois State Rifle Association and then join their range. Shoot till you run out of ammo.
  3. Oak Park Sportsman's Club northeast of Plainfield. Idpa is first Sunday of the month.
    Uspsa is the second Sunday. Sign up starts usually at noon on Sat the week before.
    oakparkactionpistol.com Open to the public.
  4. Range by me "Oak Forest Illinois" has what you want.
    Competitions twice monthly.
    Reactionary Classes twice monthly,range course 3 times a week. Fun Fun Fun.
    Private Message me for info.
  5. I just attended my first IDPA match in at Target range in Crystal Lake. The club that runs in is McHenry IDPA. Just do a google search. They shoot every other Wed night during the cold months... when weather breaks... it’s on the weekends.