Jokes in prison

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    A fellow gets sent to prison and during his first meals in the mess hall of the 'big house' he notices that occasionally a prisoner will holler out a number and everyone will laugh. This happens several times each meal.

    Puzzled he asks his cell mate about it and is told, "We used to tell jokes during meals but the screws thought it was taking up too much time and made us stop. So we wrote all the jokes in a book (all jokes are recycled anyway) and someone will just call out the number of the joke they want to tell. It all happens fast enough that the guards don't bother us much about it."

    The cell mate loans him his copy of the joke book and the new prisoner reads through it. When he comes to joke 293 he just laughs his *** off, funniest thing he's ever heard.

    At the next meal when there is a lull in the activity he yells out "293!" You coulda heard a pin drop, not a giggle, not even a smile. Back in their cell he asks his cell mate about it "Hey man, that was the funniest joke I ever heard, how come nobody laughed?" The cell mate replied, "Some people can tell a joke, some can't."

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