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    Three newlywed couples who had recently moved into town went to meet the Reverend of the local church to see about joining the congregation. It was a very conservative church and the Reverend told them that in order to show their devotion to God they would have to remain celibate for one month and only then would they be worthy to come into the church. The couples left and one month later they returned for their meeting with the Reverend:

    Reverend: Have you all completed your task of celibacy?"

    Wife #1: We're sorry Reverend but we were sitting on the couch watching From Here to Eternity a two weeks ago and when the beach scene came on we just couldn't control ourselves.

    Reverend: I'm sorry my children but you won't be able to join us.

    Wife #2: Oh Reverend, we did so well until a week ago but I was trying on a new nightie for when the month was over. My husband walked in know the rest.

    Reverend: Oh so close but yet so far. I'm afraid that you too will not be able to come into the congregation.

    Wife #3: We were doing so well Reverend then yesterday, with only one day left to go, I dropped a dustpan and when I bent over to pick it up my husband couldn't control himself.

    Reverend: I'm terribly sorry but you won't be allowed into the church.

    Wife #3: We understand Reverend, we're not allowed in WalMart anymore either.


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