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Joined the club today...

  1. I had been looking for an underfolder for awhile now locally. This one says it was imported in 1992 which is pretty cool. I'm excited to see how it shoots.
  2. Very nice entry rifle into the Ak world. Those rifles are bringing a premium these days. Do you mind if I ask what you paid for it? If you can find them under $600 these days, it is a good deal.
  3. 600 out the door, they were asking $699 plus tax. Around here locally everyone else only has WASR's that they want $550-580 for.
  4. well after doing a little bit more research I'm guessing it is a DCI receiver and a parts kit gun, non the less I am still happy with it. I didn't want to drop more money on an arsenal and hated the fit and finish of the WASR