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Joe stepped in it.

  1. Lol
  2. All Democrats are communists and hate America anyway. Any veteran or active troop that votes for Democrats should be ashamed.
  3. First, the mainstream media will ignore this too. Second, he was obviously joking, but he never served so it was in poor taste, which is typical for Biden.

    I loathe the man but I don't think he meant any harm in that.
  4. Joe is the dullard.
  5. Yet again, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was an obvious joke. Same as the "dog faced pony soldier." Also, it's from 2016, if that matters. I'm just trying to be intellectually honest. He's a terrible choice for a nominee, but let's attack him for his terrible policies that have been wrong almost every time when put up against history.
  6. I am sure he didn't mean any harm, it was in poor taste and isn't an excuse. Next in line and all. Yet flames Trump for unsubstantiated claims(unless I missed it)
  7. You know what? **** the “he was just joking” defense.

    For the past decade, the left has been ruining people’s lives and careers based on jokes, out of context statements, and banter. Intent has never mattered to them so why should Biden’s intent matter now?
  8. THIS x 1000. People defending him are playing right into the communist's hands.
  9. Yep. Joe was pretty clearly making a crass joke for the military.

    But the left created this "we can't joke any more" mess themselves. They made the bed, let Joe lie in it.
  10. Once again, they accuse Trump of what Joe does.

    Quid pro quo
    Disrespecting our troops
  11. I’ve discovered that a lot of American men, especially of my boomer generation, nowadays kick themselves for not joining the military.

    A good friend relayed a story that his church, on Veteran’s Day, had all the veterans in the congregation stand, in order to receive their due recognition. He told me he felt ashamed that he was not among the standing. A moment you don’t see often in modern America. Shame. For not doing something you should have done.

    I realize Joe was joking here, and I think it was a lame attempt at achieving some sort of commonality with a group he wishes he belonged to.
  12. Make it a commercial play it on CNN and ABC.
  13. And if they're forced to cover it, they'll explain it away.
  14. I have friends who would say - when amongst themselves - "Vamos cabrones", and it clearly is a joking insult.
    Problem is, Biden is not a friend of the military. He wants to be a common C'mon man, but he is an elitist, one of the worst.
  15. Obviously a joke? Really?
  16. Sad, ignorant, prideful man being used to the very end.
  17. ..............
  18. Might have been mimicking Patton...

    General George Patton was one of the most controversial, arrogant, and successful generals in American military history. Perhaps his most famous quote, delivered to troops during World War Two, is remembered by those troops as words to the effect of:
    “No dumb bastard ever won a war by going out and dying for his country. He won it by making some other dumb bastard die for his country."

    Who knows, might be too late to ask him to remember.
  19. You can defend him if you wish saying it was a joke. Just imagine if trump had said that, it wouldn’t have been swept under the rug by the media, they would put him on blast as usual.
  20. ABC/NBC/CBS/MSNBC/Facebook will all deny that he ever said it, and that it is all Right Wing Media lies.
  21. That wasn’t a gaffe. That was Joes speech impediment at work again. Stuttering I think the DNC calls it.
  22. Hmmmm.
  23. This is a nothing burger. He was clearly trying to use the "drill sergeant humor" for the moment, but it's still a bad look.
  24. Joke...I say boulder dash..
  25. It's one thing to read the text of an article. It's another to watch him say it. He wasn't joking. That claim amounts to tarradiddle. I also saw the affect the Obama years took on the military. Low morale isn't even scratching the surface. Funding was cut so much that it did affect the ability for personnel to perform their jobs. Essential support services were cut, making it difficult for service members to be able to go to work. And then in late 2015 the NDAA for 2016 was ratified. It was Obama's and Biden's last attempt at a big FU to the military. That NDAA really messed up their healthcare, which is affecting personnel today, especially females, with this bs Defense Health Agency that was created and is eliminating pediatrics and women's health. We've known for over a decade Biden doesn't care for military personnel. His now dead son was nothing more than a failed prop for him to lean on. The son's honor does not belong to the father. Hell, where I'm at in SoCal, I think I actually see more support for Trump than Biden. I've seen Trump billboards pointing out he builds cities, not burn them. I've seen the occasional Biden/Harris bumper sticker on a Lexus (why somebody would do that to such an expensive car demonstrates their stupidity), but not yard signs. I understand my little corner of the SoCal coast may not be representative of the state, but I wouldn't be surprised if Trump actually won California. I Ajay think he's going to win Virginia due to the lack of campaigning and funding the DNC is putting into that state. I've seen more pro-Democrat billboards in Texas than anywhere else.

    I'm a veteran, and my wife is active duty. F*CK Biden.

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  26. I’ve had a long running theory, and your post outlines the specifics of what I generalize as projection. They accuse us of whatever it is they would or have done.
    Russian collusion? Demoncats accuse Republicans while they do it.
    Quid pro quo? Demoncats accuse Republicans while they do it.
    Treason? Demoncats accuse Republicans while they do it.
    Disrespecting our troops? Demoncats accuse Republicans while they do it.
    Using guns for mass killings? Demoncats accuse Republicans while they do it.
    Incite violence? Demoncats accuse Republicans while they do it.
    Rioting? Demoncats accuse Republicans while they do it.
    Race baiting? Demoncats accuse Republicans while they do it.
    Discrimination? Demoncats accuse Republicans while they do it.

    Is this enough? I’m sure I can come up with another dozen examples, probably more. It’s time to fix this, and I don’t have any _legal_ means to correct this problem.

    my 2¢

  27. The problem is Joe was never a Drill Sergeant. More like a Dull Starfish.