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JM Custom Kydex AIWB 1911 Holster with Extra Tuck and Velcro Foam Wedge, fits up to 5" models -- NEW

No Lead time. Awesome Holster. Fits all 1911's (possibly not Sig 1911's, however) with up to a 5" barrel and NO rail.

I never used it because I never transitioned from carrying glocks, for which I use this exact same holster.


Pistol: 1911, up to 5" models, No Rails

Belt Loops: 1.75" Loops

Carry Side: Right

Color: Black

Extra Tuck Feature Designed Into Holster Itself: Yes

Guard: Full Sweat Guard

Removable Velcro Neoprene Sponge Pad for even more tuck beyond the "extra tuck" feature: Yes

**If purchased new from JM Custom Kydex, Price as configured would be $107 with a 7-8 week wait.**

I'm asking: PRICE: $90 Shipped **SOLD**

Note: Obviously, the 1911s in the photos are not included. Depicted only for demonstration purposes.

EMAIL: FirearmsInPhoenix at Gmail.


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