Jelly beans

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    Three little boys went into a candy store. " I want two cents worth of jelly
    beans," the first boy said to the clerk. The clerk frowned. The jelly beans were
    on the top self, and he didn't like climbing up there just to sell two cents
    worth. But he did it. When he came down, he put away his ladder and turned to
    the second boy.

    "What will you have?" he asked.

    "I'll have two cents worth of jelly beans, too," said the boy. Angrily, the
    clerk got the ladder and climbed up to get the jelly beans. While he was still
    up there, he turned to the third boy.

    "You don't want two cents worth of jelly beans, do you?" asked the man.

    "No, sir," answered the third boy. So the man climbed down and put away the

    "Now, what do you want?" the clerk asked the boy.

    "A nickel worth of the jelly beans," replied the lad.