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Jeb Bush endorsed by Eric Cantor

  1. I absolutely will NOT vote for the likes of Dumbass Jeb, Kristy Kreeme, Huckster or Grahmnesty.

    I'd just as soon see Hitlery get it.
  2. So -- Jeb is endorsed by the guy that got ridden out on a rail in his home district due to his aloofness and total disregard for his constituents...

    That ought to just about be the icing on the cake for Jeb...

  3. Someone will be along shortly to tell you to enjoy your KAGAN and shrimp.
  4. Went to a Ted Cruz Tea Party rally yesterday. I'm stoked...I'd be good with a Cruz/Trump, Trump/Cruz ticket.

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  5. Why not? They share the same values. :upeyes:

  6. I thought Jeb would do better, he comes across as a weak old man who doesn't really want to be there.
  7. I thought Trump characterized it best in one of his riffs against Jeb: "He talks into his own chest."

    That's a powerful visual that captures the essence of the man's outward presentation.

  8. Is it possible that in a country of 330 million including some 14 million that we don't even know are here, that we could find two people without the last names BUSH or CLINTON to run for president?
  9. I can picture about 10pm EST election night, Joe Biden calls Trump and congratulates him on the win,

    then confessed that even him voted for Trump.
  10. Yea, didn't Cantor get voted out in the primaries last time around? He's not even in Congress anymore. That's like Weiner endorsing Sanders. So what!
  11. Eleanor Clift on the McLaughlin Report smugly dismissed a Trump-Cruz ticket as doomed to fail.
    Prove her wrong.
    I doubt Trump would settle for VP, however.
    But Cruz is still young enough to use VP as a springboard to the White House in '24 (or '20).

    Grassroots shoestring Tea Party victory was the only time a sitting House Majority Leader was ousted in a primary. His opponent, Rep. Brat, was endorsed by Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham, and this is how the Tea Party will take over the GOPe. This is how we win.
  12. and water is wet
  13. Perfect. An anti-teaparty RINO has-been throws his support in for Jeb. That's gonna be the epitome of his support base. I think the RNC has already received the message loud and clear... They arent gonna be able to stop Trump, any attempt to sabotage his campaign will be met with a severe backlash.
  14. Jeb or KAGAN. It's your choice, folks.
  15. One Disgraced Statist Republicrat endorses another,wonderful. SJ 40
  16. It's looking like Trump or KAGAN at this point.

    He even gets 25% black vote and beats Hilldawg head to head.