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Jason Falla 2-Day Tactical Carbine - July 23-24, 2011 - Meriden, CT

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    Jason Falla (REDBACK ONE) 2-Day Tactical Carbine - July 23-24, 2011 - Meriden, CT


    Jason Falla is a veteran soldier from the Australian Army Special Forces community. He was a qualified Green Beret commando and former member of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR). Jason dedicated 12 years to servicing his country and deployed to the Middle East as part of GWOT. Jason was actively engaged in offensive operations during OEF and OIF as well as many other theaters around the world. Jason relocated to the United States in 2005 and secured a full time position with Blackwater in 2006. He quickly became regarded and well respected in the firearms industry as one of Blackwater's best instructors. Jason left the company in Jan 2010 and became a training advisor for Redback One, a firearms and tactics school that emphasizes combat marksmanship. Jason's expertise and proficiency in Special Operations training including, CQB, urban warfare, military small arms, Land-Warfare and combat medicine makes him a highly sought after instructor within the firearms industry and the U.S military. He is a master class IDPA pistol shooter and master of the carbine.




    Grey Group Training:

    Jason Falla (REDBACK ONE) 2-Day Tactical Carbine - July 23-24, 2011 - Meriden, CT

    The 2-Day Advanced Tactical Carbine course is designed for shooters interested in taking their shooting to the next level. This course is a continuation of our Basic and Level-1 courses and includes progressive learning and new techniques teaching students the tactical aspects of shooting with the tactical carbine. Students will learn to become faster and more efficient in performing weapon handling drills increase accuracy over longer ranges. Students will learn how to shoot, move and communicate during the movement phase of training. Students will be expected to perform to a higher standard of marksmanship and gun handling than from the previous course. Students will be tested on both of these aspects of combat marksmanship on day one and tested again on the final day as a measure of improvement.

    This course will cover the following:

    Review of combat marksmanship fundamentals
    Review of core skills - assessment
    5.56 mm Ballistics and Carbine Lethality
    Carbine and Ammunition Selection
    Shooting on the move
    Basic fire and movement techniques
    Communication during engagements
    Use of cover and using vehicles as cover
    Engaging multiple asymmetric targets
    Shooting moving targets (Range dependent)
    Enhancing Combat Reloads
    Enhancing Malfunction Drills
    Correct Ready positions including the Alert Ready
    Zeroing the Carbine for tactical applications
    Mechanical zero
    Hold Overs and Barrel Sight Relationship
    Static Turns and Pivots
    High and Low percentage targets
    Stress Courses
    Final Assessment

    Instructor: Jason Falla

    Class dates: July 23-24, 2011

    Cost: $450

    Location: Meriden, CT

    Range facilities:

    Joint Forces Tactical Center
    82 Camp Street
    Meriden, CT 06450

    - Carbine/Rifle (.223 AR/5.56 M4 preferred)
    - Sling
    - (5) Magazines
    - magazine carrier (Armor/Load bearing vest optional)
    - Eye and ear protection
    - weapon cleaning kit
    - Appropriate range attire,
    - hydration source.


    If you are interested in attending this class please use this link to the Grey Group Training sign-up page:

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me;