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Violence of action, speed and surprise will help keep you alive on the military battlefield and they will also help keep you alive as a police officer or civilian. Very good video, you would be surprised what a person can do even after they're shot, even with 7.62 or 5.56. Never stop fighting until they are dead or you are dead.
Spot on, sir.

As part of our training program, we talk about a concept that we named "the personal gunfight" ; that is, regardless of who someone is- military operator, police patrol officer, or concealed carrier- in the 2 to 7 seconds that comprise the microcosm of a sudden armed encounter with a handgun, everyone has the exact same priorities in play to win that fight: getting the pistol out and on target and making effective hits quickly....while individual mission, the actions taken before and after those few seconds, etc, are different (for instance, an LEO is going to be apprehension oriented, and their immediate actions after the shooting may be to secure the suspect and render aid , while a private citizen carrying concealed may be be getting to a place of greater safety and calling 911) , everyone, during those few seconds, are doing roughly the same things, within the way they were trained; preparedness and training are key to shortening the reaction times involved, and lead to a greater ability to win the fight.

The posted video is a good one, thanks to the OP for posting it.
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