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  1. JAMBOG, I'm not sure but I assume that it has something to do with a repeat post. If so, I was under the impression that the it was the job of the moderators to let posters know if a certain thread was somehow redundant.

    I understand the need for posters to do a search before posting, but this JAMBOG business is getting more annoying than repeat posts.
  2. It is not the moderators job to let posters know if threads are repeats. If posts are reported to us as being repeats, we'll use our judgment on closing them. Every moderator deals with our own forums differently. If it bothers you that much, you can simply ignore the duplicated threads. With the amount of people posting here, there are bound to be duplicated threads. It happens.

  3. Sorry c-mama, I may not have made myself clear.

    I'm not at all bothered by repeated topics or threads. I think the mods do a great job of policing and administering Glock Talk. The point I was attempting to make, quite poorly apparrently, was that I wish the members would allow the admins to do their job, and not take it upon themselves to police a thread in place of the moderators.

    I just don't think it's an individual members business to point out if a topic has been covered before.

    Everyone has posted a duplicate question or topic at some time. I just think members need to be reminded that it's the job of the Glock Talk administration to moderate the Forum.

    I hope I made myself more clear;) My original post was not meant as a critisism of the moderators but those who seem to feel the need to act on their behalf.;)

  4. Ah, I understand. Thank you.

    And, while I agree that it is impolite to point out that threads are duplicate, that's the way it is sometimes, especially with the large, diverse group here.

    There are those who are going to nitpick everything and anything and that's just the way it is.