Jamaica: New firearm licences to be issued this year

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Gallium, Jan 27, 2010.

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    oh well, :) the wife wanted us to take the kids there this year, and a family associate of ours is getting married as well, so it looks like a road trip is due.

    The new permits are "credit card/driver's license" style - with gun make model caliber listed on back, mugshot + (thumbprint?) on front, etc etc

    edit - yeah they spell license different over there. :cool:



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    Sadly, half of them are idiots and the other half are crooks. Here's the real deal with booklets and cards.

    We have these little red booklets that tha Law says we have to "have them on or about our person at all times", much like your drivers license - keep it with you. However, as the article says, the booklet is extremely prone to wear and tear, and water and general disintegration. And yes, it is very conspicuous.

    These booklets contain all pertinent info about he holder and firearm. In some cases it can contain info for up to three firearms. So DREW would need, say 20 books, but now he'll need sixty cards!:rofl:

    The booklet also has space for 'info & approval" of two other recurring pieces of information.

    The first is for the Police Superintendent of the Issuing Division to sign his name which verifies that he has personally inspected your firearm that year and the appropriate License Fees have been paid. However, this is now no longer necessary with the system take-over of the FLA.

    The second is to keep track of ammunition purchases. Each holder is allowed to purchase 50 rds annually, intended for carry purposes. (Training rounds may be purchased from gun shops by a separate authorization, or may be obtained at approved shooting ranges for use on the spot.)

    Annual purchase of street rounds is important because daily carry in our hot, humid tropical climate can quickly cause deterioration of the integrity of ammunition. "Old" rds. are usually used at subsequent range sessions.

    But very few people buy 50 rds. at any one time, usually because of the cost factor. So the booklet was used to log the purchases - usually twice or three times each year.

    Here's the problem with the new replacement card. Unless the card can be read electronically, we won't be able to track ammo purchases. And if you DO make it a swipe card - then, of course, you have purchase new hardware to read them, the software to manage the info, train the police and other data personnel how to use it. Heck, it was even proposed to have mobile units in patrol cars. Can you smell the $$$$

    The solution is really to KEEP the booklet, which contains DETAILED information about the holder / firearm(s) - and keep it securely at home, and issue a simple card for convenience of daily carry.

    But Nooooo. Gotta re-invent the wheel.

    This proposal has been presented numerous times to senior members of the Ministry of National Security and the management team of the Firearm Licensing Authority.

    Ask me how I know.:faint:

    Hence my opening comment. Oh, and I know most of the foregoing might seem complicated or unnecessary to many of you on this board. But in spite of my own natural abhorrence to oppressive Government systems, I'm OK with trying to exercise some reasonable control over arms and ammunition on our little rock, ravaged by criminals. And I now the debate can go on - let's drink a Red Stripe and talk about it when you visit.

    Stay safe.

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    The real solution would be to trust your citizens and get rid of the silly ammunition registration laws.
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    Seriously. If the place is already crawling with criminals that refuse to abide by the firearms laws, why make the good guys suffer when the government can't/isn't doing anything about the criminals?