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Jack Reacher

  1. Just finished the first 3 Jack Reacher books by Lee Child. At first, I forgave the .22 that
    could blow a persons face off. Book two I had a harder time with the .50 A&E Desert Eagle
    as a carry piece. I just barely made it thru the 3rd book and I won't be reading any of the
    rest of the series. Too many stupid mistakes a little research could have prevented. Not
    the first author I've quit reading due to stupid mistakes and probably won't be the last.
  2. Gun details do get better. I have most of them in audio book. It's entertainment for me. Not a documentary.
  3. You might give Mark Greaney's 'The Gray Man' a try. Much more accurate on the details and a great series.
  4. I'll give these a try when I next want a mystery/thriller to read. Reading Brad Thor's
    Scott Harveth series and I really like his books.
  5. It's entertainment for me also but when it comes to the military, police, and weapons,
    I demand accuracy. Spent 11 years military, 3 active and 8 National Guard, 41 years
    LEO and I know a thing or two about military strategy, detective work and weapons.
    I just can't tolerate a Suppressor being silent, a .22 blowing a mans face off, Full
    Colonels doing grunt work, etc etc. You get the picture. "Silently thumbing the safety
    off his Glock 20" and I trash the book! :mad:

    Maybe it's just me but I hate that crap, especially now days when 5 minutes research
    on the Web could inform any fool that a Glock don't have a safety!
    Oh well, just one of my pet peeves and the reason I read a lot of SciFi. If "Joe Rocket
    clicks off the safeties to his ships Rail Guns", I don't care. :elephant:
  6. I know, it bugs me too. But i would have a lot less to read if i tossed a book that got simple things very wrong.
  7. So many books, so little time. :fred:
  8. The name is just too much for me to show interest. Jack off Reacher around?
  9. I like his books; but i have to switch off my mind to enjoy them. Otherwise, all the firearm inaccuracies. All the evidence issues, all the improbabilities, etc. Would totally ruin them.
  10. Stephen Hunter is the best gun guy author. His novels are in a class by themselves.

    With other authors, I get tired of reading about Glock safeties, clips, revolvers that eject brass, etc. And oh yeah, I just read a book that says BAR stands for Browning Assault Rifle.
  11. Lee Child was shopping at the grocery store one day. An elderly lady asked him to get something off of the top shelf...
    She said "you'd make a good reacher."
    That's how he came up with the name Jack Reacher.
  12. I dunno, I tried one of his books and was not too impressed. 3/4 of the the way thru the First Vince Flynn book with the new author since he passed and it isn't the same. I read a book about the Cartels (it was a long read) but it was pretty darn good.
    I still need to self publish mine, I have just been too lazy.
  13. Try Mark Dawson. Great author.
  14. I realize that this thread is about fiction, but... What irks me is to be reading a non-fiction book, trying to learn about something about which I am ignorant, only to find errors concerning things I do know about. The whole credibility of the book is destroyed.
  15. The Deserter by DeMille is a good read. Fairly realistic as fiction goes.

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  16. Many (not all) authors do not research anything. They just make crap up as they go.
    Sort of like CNN.
  17. Thanks. I'll give him a try.