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J frame

  1. Does anybody still carry a j frame? My first concealed handgun was a smith and Wesson 637. Then I tried a bodyguard 380 for a little while and hated it. Then bought a g42 recently, and I love it. It shoots great and carries great, but I still find myself wanting to carry my j frame more than anything else. I looked at other 9mms recently like a g43 p365 and hellcat but didn’t buy one. Just curious if anybody else still loves j frames for carry.
  2. The j frame fits a specific niche.

    It has its unique advantages.

    I carry a Glock pistol...but when you need a j frame, there's no substitute.
  3. My first choice is an M&P40c.

    I carry my S&W642 when the M&P is too large for my clothing or in certain other situations. I used to carry it when running on a belt with holster under my running shorts & t-shirt. I've carried it in an OWB or IWB holster as well as a pocket holster. It also works in an ankle holster for suit and tie occasions where the jacket may come off.

    It's my choice when the M&P compact is too large. A couple speed loaders in a pocket work too.
  4. I believe in practicing a lot...with the specific pistol you carry. If I carry a pocket gun.. I want to be able to put thousands of rounds per year on that thing.

    The only little itty bitty gun that can do that (in my opinion...and you are free to yours) is the j frame.

    Plus the j frame is an excellent belly to belly contact distance "get off me gun".
    It fits that role well.

    And it fits in my pocket.

    So those are the things I like about the j frame.

    But for overall carry gun... I usually prefer the Glock 19/23. (Then the CZ PO1. And on some days...when the mood strikes, the CZ is my number one pick.)
  5. On occasion I carry the no-dash model 60 in the leather rig shown below; it carries so well that I don't even feel it on my hip or the speed loader in my front jeans pocket:

  6. I guess the 640 is one size up?
  7. That model 60 is a beauty. No pocket polymer can complete in the looks department.
  8. Thanks for the replies. That model 60 is nice. I know some people like them for a back up, but more and more I’m carrying mine for primary.
  9. i carry a 637, 380BG and occasionally my G36. i do pretty good shooting them and feel confident with all 3.
  10. Smith made the 640 into a 357 Mag in the 90s iirc.

    That added a slight bit of length and a couple ounces of weight. IMO, the original 640 in 38 Special was one of the best concealment guns ever made.

    As to the thread, I still own and carry a J-frame on occasion. I don't see ever getting rid of them. A classic that still works quite well. :thumbsup:
  11. Nothing wrong with you carrying a J frame. Just understand you’re ammo challenged in some situations. I carry my 642 in a pocket holster and have a Blackhawk OWB speed scabbard for it. Many times I carry the 642 in my pocket and G23 on my hip.
    Carrying the J is better than leaving it at home.
  12. S&W 442 is my main general carry firearm.
  13. Every day.
  14. My J frame model 637 goes where I go.

    Occasionally on Sunday, I substitute my Ruger LCP.
  15. I like carrying mine sometimes. Still a valid carry gun in most realistic civilian situations. They just carry well.
  16. Thanks! I found that pistol at a local gunshop a few years back and it not only came with the brown leather rig shown but also a similar black leather retention holster (that's so stiff that it squeaks whenever I make the slightest movement when wearing it, LOL), and an extra set of grips: in Mother of Pearl. I'm guessing that it's previous owner was a girlie girl :D They are indeed handsome pistols that are all function.

    I've always been fond of the little J-frame 'Smiths, and when I carry the one shown I'm carrying it as my primary weapon as well. Chances are neither of us will ever get into an armed confrontation, but it's always nice to have a weapon on your person that's easily carried and concealed ~and~ simple to operate, should the need arise!
  17. I have a couple J frames that I like to carry (642 & 442). Also a 9mm SP101 that I really enjoy.

    I like shooting and carrying revolvers but lately I've been carrying more higher capacity firearms, with all the social unrest.
  18. I have carried a S&W 640 357 Magnum 5 Shot and Sig Sauer P365 during the warmer months.

    I like the ability to draw from the pocket. When I’m walking my hand is already on it.

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  19. Yes. Have been carrying my M&P 340 in an ankle holster on a daily basis. Should I have to take off the 48 or 43X, I still have the J frame.
  20. I still carry a S&W 640 PC a lot of the times. It has night sights that are really easy to pick up with your eye like most of my carry semi auto firearms that have night sights. I think most people hate J frames because they don’t take the time to practice time and get proficient with them.
  21. Ive wondered about carrying a higher capacity auto (I own a g30s) with the unrest. But keep going back to the j.
  22. With my back problems a j frame is all I can carry. But don’t underestimate me. I’m old and tired. I won’t fight you. I’ll just put 5 where they need to go.
  23. What do you guys do for sights ? Love my 642 but with 60 year old eyes the thin front blade and gutter rear don’t make for great accuracy.
    I’ve painted front orange rear green that helps some
  24. I carry my little 637 and a speed strip sometimes, but I mainly carry my 365, and a spare mag. 8AE5A032-1D13-457F-B656-16D266F5CA18.jpeg
  25. I carry my 640 Pro Series quite often. It’s the only CCW I’ll pocket carry (in a leather pocket holster), usually in a cargo shorts pocket.
  26. O BCA4AB1F-76F7-42F6-B307-D29F914FA6A3.jpeg My daily carry.
  27. ... 100% ✔️
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  30. Brutal.
  31. My serial number starts with CUP.... if you’re not ready for it, they might C...U...P
  32. If you look at the photo below, you can see a very prominent big dot night sight on the MP340.
  33. ...ahem..
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  35. Every day, and my job takes me into some sketchy places in the middle of the night.

    I did a brief stint with my G26 during the protests/riots, but it is no-where near as comfortable nor easy to work around than a J-frame is. Capacity is nice, but my job requires all sorts of odd movements and if I have to dick around adjusting myself to get around my gun, then I am worrying about something I shouldn't be.

  36. When my Sweetie and I travel I have two J Frames a 442 no dash and a 49 no dash, and she knows that when things might get a bit tense I am going to hand her one of those J-frames. She has a CCW permit but would rather not carry on an hourly basis. (She is a teacher and that says enough) But when I hand her a J-Frame she says it makes her feel safe. I wish she would carry one herself, but it is what it is.
  37. I still carry one on occasion but only with ammo that gives it respectable performance. The 135gr Speer Short Barrel round and the Underwood 125gr GD round with a listed velocity of 1200 fps. both offer dependable performance in my 38 J-frame that was not available in years past.
  38. The 640 is still a J frame but in .357 magnum, basically a stainless Centennial.
  39. Carry a 642 loaded with speer 135gr +p jhp short barrel ammo when not carrying my g27 gen3.
  40. A J-frame is a far better choice for most SD carry than an auto. My 642 started out around 14.4 ounces and is now 12.5 ounces even with a titanium cylinder. That's five rounds in a small, lightweight package that carries easily in a pocket.
    S&W 642 Titanium RS.JPG
    The advantage to the revolver is manifold - it can be shot from inside a pocket, in full body contact, and has an extremely low malfunction potential secondary to poor handling, or external contact. A revolver can be loaded this year and still be gtg next year, plus you can easily see it's rtg! It doesn't care about nose profiles, or feed ramps, extractors, or magazines. No safety to worry about, as for reloading, just carry a second J-frame in another pocket!
    S&W M642 dual.jpg
  41. I carry a 442-2 daily, still my no1 gun.
    I keep it loaded with all copper 110gr +p buffalo bore, and 5 more in a speedloader.
  42. Have one in my pocket.
  43. More people carrying a j on this forum then what I thought. I love my G42 and G30s but always want to carry the j.
  44. I carry one and can’t find any actual evidence that indicates it’s inadequate. Plenty of theoretical scenarios where it would be lacking, but those just aren’t occurring in the context of civilian self-defense. At lest not with enough regularity for me to be concerned much about them. Plus, from a pocket(pants or jacket), or in a close-contact situation, the snub revolver is actually the superior weapon and that’s much more likely to be of advantage than what a higher capacity autoloader brings to the table IMO.
  45. Lasergrips, they are a game changer and a must for a J-frame IMO. Yes they are 2-300 bucks but how much is your life worth...
  46. Carry S&W 649 (.38 special) 80% of the time.
  47. This! 100%

    The j frame and the Glock 19 may just be the most versitle handgun combination to have.
  48. The short answer is, yes. The majority of the time it's a M&P 340 (no lock)

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  49. I have carried them on and off for years.
    Not anymore when I can pocket carry a Sig P365 about as easily as a j frame....