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Thanks for being a resource here. I have two questions for you.

1. I remember reading an article you wrote regarding carrying a pair of J-frames instead of your usual set up. I have tried to find either the article's publication information or the article itself online without success. Can you point me in the right direction, or provide the article's publication information (magazine, volume, number, publication date, etc.)?

2. I carry a 642 and the single biggest drawback is wearing gloves. With the lightest gloves I have the gun becomes a single-shot pistol because the trigger finger glove material gets caught and prevents the trigger from fully resetting. Fortunately, I rarely have to wear gloves, and when I do it's typically limited to the few minutes it takes to get ice off my car. The lowest it gets here is in the teens, which doesn't happen often, with single digits on even rarer occasions. Do you have any suggestions for gloves that fight tightly enough to prevent binding? Or any other suggestion(s) I may not have thought of?

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1. Article was back in the early '90s in one of the Harris Publications.
2. Gloves that aren't the fingerless cut don't go well with double action revolvers, as you've noticed. They tend to fill the front of a small trigger guard and interfere with trigger return, or the leather or fabric catches in the little "v" between top of trigger and the frame as the trigger is trying to return from the last shot. When you get gloves thin enough to avoid that, they don't do much good for keeping the hands warm.
If you need gloves for warmth in serious cold, you might want to look at a pair loose enough that you can quickly whip them off if you need to go for your revolver.
Or, you might want to look at one of the smaller Glocks or similar semi-autos. The trigger guards are big enough to allow a gloved finger without blocking trigger return.
Always a balance of competing pros and cons, isn't it?
Hoping this has been helpful,
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