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Hello, i'm new here..
I'm from chile and i want to buy the day/night sights(tritium) for my jericho 941..
See the problem.
Do you have in stock night sight for jericho 941 (baby desert eagle) in stock?
Do you send to chile?
Yes I do ship to Chile, the set of sights you need - if your gun is a steel frame is ML19595
Ok, this is my question.. this number is the serial code for sights?
I'm watching the manual and appear this :
"*mira delantera con G.T.L.S. 00.621.1230
*mira delantera sin G.T.L.S 00.621.1231
**mira trasera con G.T.L.S 00.621.1240
**mira trasera con G.T.L.S 00.621.1241
G.T.L.S - fuente luminisciente de tritio gaseoso

My back sight is in bad status because the old owner droped the jericho in the floor

Please help me
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