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Glock 19 IWB holster recommendations - G19

  1. Hi, new into concealed carry. Any recommendation for a good Holster for Glock 19 gen 5

    I preferred to spend one time the money on something that will be good quality..

    Thank you!!

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  2. For concealed carry, specifically my Glock 19, my preference is the Milt Sparks Versa Max II and TT Gunleather Mike’s Special IWB. I also have kydex holsters from Tulster which also work well, but they don’t give me the same all day comfort as my leather IWB holsters.
  3. I highly recommend Foxx Holsters out of Michigan. I’ve been happy with mine for the past two years.
  4. Ill second the Sparks VMII, if youre going to be carrying at around 4-4:30, and leather isnt an issue.

    Blade Tech makes some good kydex and injection-molded plastic holsters, that would be my choice for that. I like their Ambi Klipt for AIWB.
  5. Bravo Concealment Torsion.
  6. Aiwb Seraph by V Development Group or Tenicor Velo4. These are Aiwb recommendations only.

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  7. At what position will you be carrying?
  8. Crossbreed or g code stealth for appendix
  9. Here’s the truth if your new to carrying. You will try many. You may prefer leather , you may prefer kydex. Also, IWB may or may not work for you. I can Aiwb my 19 all days long. At the 3-4 o’clock position, I would have difficulty for my build unless I wore larger clothing. I carry only Aiwb only now and your carry location needs to be consistent I.e, don’t rotate your carry location appendix , hip, ankle, you get the idea, except for Duty of course if that applies.

    But unfortunately for concealed carry it’s rare you get one holster right the first time.

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  10. Beside comfort. What would be pros/cons for kydex vs leather?

    Thank you

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  11. Thank you for the advice!

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  12. Truth indeed...I've run Uncle Mikes, Remora's, Blackhawks on the outside, Bravo's etc...I do find 9 o'clock OWB as being the most comfortable for this lefty, although not too concealable.
  13. Retention, kydex is in/out click, while leather is more friction based. This will be preference. In either case you want good positive retention.

    Depending on the maker, leather can breakdown over time possibly breaching the trigger area. Not good on a Glock. But stick to quality mfg like recommended above (milt sparks), I personally Brommeland gun leather and it will be a long time before you reach that point.

    Leather can be more aesthetically pleasing, but this is probably subjective. The biggest kicker I’ve learned is the quality kydex mfg are now charging close to these leather mfg prices. At one time that was a pro of kydex, price.

    Would like someone else to chime in here. I’m sure there are plenty more not coming to mind.

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  14. Dead on- I’ve had many, 3 of which you’ve mentioned [emoji23]

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  15. The only holster I buy any more is a Milt Sparks Versa Max II.

    It is by far the best holster that I know of.
  16. Recently, I've heard some people say they prefer the Milt Sparks Criterion over the Versa Max II, for comfort and concealability. I may just go that route on my next Milt Sparks. In my opinion, the biggest downside to Milt Sparks is the wait times. I can't ever recall buying a new gun and not buying an "interim holster" while I waited for my Milt Sparks to get done. That's how I originally ended up with a drawer full of Tulster Kydex Holsters (they ship incredibly fast). On occasion, I've actually forgotten I'd ordered a Milt Sparks Holster and was surprise when it showed up 6 or 7 months later.
  17. I have both and here's what I can tell you.

    The wait time for a custom leather holster is measured in months. The wait time for a kydex is often measured in days. I have waited 7 months for a Milt Sparks Holster (worth the wait), and I have received a Tulster kydex holster in 3 days. I usually order two holsters for any new gun, a Milt Sparks and a Tulster. The Tulster I get by the end of the week. The Milt Sparks over half a year later. If you want nearly the same quality as Milt Sparks with much less wai ttime, there's always TT Gunleather (4 weeks or so wait).

    As far as for actual wear, my Milt Sparks and TT Gunleather holsters are just much more comfortable for me for all day wear. Kydex tends to be hard and I feel it after awhile. Aside from that, Kydex has been known to scratch slides, although Tulster kydex usually won't do that due to the retention points. Some kydex definitely will though if you even care.

    The truth is, kydex is better in many. many ways over leather, but holsters are like wristwatches. Some people appreciate a nice finely crafted holster which is like a nice mechanical Swiss watch, and some people are ok with a Timex.
  18. My P7M8 has a Milt Sparks Criterion.

    I find I do not like the angle as much and I find it harder to draw from.

    It must be said that there is nothing wrong with the holster I think it is since all my other holsters are Versa Max II, I am just not used to the the draw angle.

    The Criterion hold the P7M8 nice and tight to the body.

    It is a great holster too.
  19. Just received my third Vedder light tuck for Glock 19 (this one to fit a olight pl-mini 2), bar far my favorite holsters.
  20. Vedder light tuck
  21. Kramer #3 inside the waistband in horsehide.
  22. Milt Sparks Criterion is the very best IWB on the market. It's also expensive and has a long wait. It's worth it.
  23. I have a half dozen Versa Max II’s. I just need one Criterion to compare. I have found that not all guns are the same. I dislike the Versa Max II for my Glock 43, and much prefer the cant of the TT Gunleather Mike’s Special. On the other hand, I love the fit of the Versa Max II with my Glock 19.
  24. I'm sure we'll get some interesting responses to my thoughts.
    My two favorite holsters for my G19-3 are MS SSII and Comptac Infidel.
    The leather is slightly more comfortable but the kydex is more secure.
    The SSII is secure as long as the belt is tight holding your pants up.
    Some calls of nature require undoing your belt which allows the holster to go upside down.
    I was at home both times I dropped mine.
    The SSII doesn't leave the house anymore.
    There are ways to beat the problem but I choose to just use the proven to me kydex.
    Something to think about.
    Good Luck

  25. Theis hybrid IWB...fifty bucks to your door and quick turnaround. His holsters are what I exclusively use for IWB when I'm off duty.
  26. Leather
    *Kramer Handgun Leather: IWB#3
    *Milt Sparks: Criterion; Summer Special 2; Executive Companion.
    *Mitch Rosen: Uncle Sals Decision Exp.
    *R. Grizzle: T&C; T&C2
    *Taurus Holsters: In The Pants Holster
    *TT Gun Leather: Reinforced IWB “Mikes Special”

    *Multi Holsters: IWB deep concealment

    *Vedder: Comfort Tuck
  27. Blue Line LLC..excellent Kydex IWB holster at a good price...
  28. I agree about the TT Gunleatger Mike's Special for small guns. It has a smaller footprint than similar Milt Sparks holsters. However, for mid size to larger guns, the Criterion is the better choice.
  29. Leather is more for comfort but Kydex is more secure. Leather holds moisture so in some areas that is an issue.
    Depending on your build, you will find that the 19 may be uncomfortable to carry. I prefer IWB Appendix but the G19 is too long so I found the 5 o'clock carry does well for me. It took a lot of experimenting to find the right position and cant.
    My next gun & holster will be a Vedder lite tuck.

    Here's more info: https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/g19-summer-carry-tips.1346529/
  30. GALCO if you want leather, Vedders if you want index or go Crossbreed.
  31. Ok, I've read all the suggestions and looked at holsters I'm not familiar with.

    There are a couple of things to be considered before you decide on a holster.

    The most important thing to consider is how you normally dress, casual or business. Will you need to remove holster and gun during your daily activities?

    I do not like AIWB from a purely safety stand point. I also prefer metal clips over plastic and both of those over belt loops.

    Buy a holster that has a “claw” available, it will push the butt of the gun in toward your body and of course, learn to squat rather than bend over.

    The best investment to make is in a good high quality gun belt. They are available in steel lined leather or a more tactical look. I use a Kore Essentials Tactical belt but there are many brands available.

    For holsters, I have been very impressed with Vedder Holsters, I use their LightTuck for all my EDC (1 with and 1 without light) and another for my double stack 1911. One nice thing about Kydex is that it can be adjusted with a heat gun. They only offered a single stack 1911 and I massaged it to fit my double stack.

    Vedder also offers several options for lights with the G19 and the holsters can be configured for various ride heights and cants,

    I'm left handed and carry at 08:00 with a 15 degree forward cant. I can conceal my G23 under a pocket-T in summer and it is comfortable to drive with. I carry two spare G17 mags in a leather DeSantis mag pouch in my RT front jean pocket.

    My G19/G23 weighs just under 2# loaded, its a great choice, don't be afraid to experiment and most important, BE SAFE.
  32. Black Arch Holsters, Dual clip Protos-M. I've had it a few months. It is excellent.
  33. I love my crossbreed IWB at 3:30. Horse hide and Kydex. Five years and no wear showing. Very comfortable. Easy to clip on or remove from belt. Also get the best belt you can. Just as important as the holster.
  34. I like my N8. Works well with my 19 or 26
  35. All kydex holsters are not equal. If you decide to try a kydex holster spend the extra bucks and get a good one. I prefer Vedder and Tulster. Both quality holsters with excellent retention, click at the trigger guard. Main differences - Vedder has steel clip and is more adjustable.

    You can order both on Amazon but the Tulster ships faster.
  36. JM custom kydex IWB3 with split loop and 15* cant.
  37. Do you have a good belt?

    I’m partial to steel core leather belts. Even if you don’t get a steel core, get a GUN belt.

    As you’ve seen, there are many, many holsters available. For all day wear, I’ve found the Alien Gear cloak tuck to be decent.

    If you want leather, give Mitch Rosen a look.
  38. I use an iwb BraDec Holster, affordable and good quality. I have been very pleased!
  39. I carry my G19 AIWB in a Henry Holsters with a RMR and a TLR-7a. I am 6'-195lbs. It is surprisingly comfortable and does not print too bad. I carry my cell phone in a horizontal holster to its right which help conceal the firearm with an un-tucked shirt.
  40. I’m also a relatively new CCW and my trial and error led me to a Vedder Light Tuck with the claw attachment and the Nexbelt Titan gun belt. It’s the best setup I’ve found and it’s so good that I’m done searching for the next best holster.

    Also Vedder is having 10% sale right now ordering from their website. I got my order from them in 2 days and I’m in Ohio.

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