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Iwb holster for glock 19

Discussion in 'Test-Posts Here' started by photooracle, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. photooracle


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    Jan 10, 2012
    Suburban Phoenix, Arizona
    I'm sure that everyone has an opinion on which holster is best for ccw carry.
    I have been all over the internet, looking at these. Perhaps the highest rated for an amatuer is the Bianchi.

    After purchasing one . . .I attempted to holster my weapon. Nope "didn't fit" I did call them in California and the girl on the phone told me to spray Silicone spray inside the leather. Well that changed the color of the leather, and theTrigger Guard still did not seat at alll.

    Another call gave me to the man in the Front department and guy there told me to send it back. It took about 10 days and it arrived yesterday. STILL NO FIT! Seems the tension strap will not go over the butt end on the chamber.:dunno:

    Lo and behold . . .I ordered a similar one from Amazon, this time I purchased a Galco for about the same price.
    Put the weapon in with a bit of plastic bag, wriggled it around, then pulled on the strap with a twisting motion.

    Slid it with a good friction on the leather. Case solved!