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I've been under-weighing my bass!!!!!

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Dennis in MA, Oct 11, 2010.

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    Aug 16, 2001
    Taunton, MA

    Yesterday was our last day fishing on the lake. I have to bring the boat in next weekend. If I had my own ramp, I'd be out a few more times. But as it is, we gotta pack it in.

    So me and my daughter went out about 2pm to see if we could catch anything.

    First cast, she NAILS a 21" smallmouth. On a rubber worm she picked out herself at Bass Pro a few weeks ago. BAM! "Dad, I think I have a fish!"

    It's her 3rd ever. EVER! (She just started this year and is not too attentive at 11.)

    She fought it great. Kept her rod tip up, fought it around the motor to the side.

    WHOA! 21" monster! It was tall, too!

    Got some great pix and some measurements, but my scale is untested. I've found most bargain on-water scales to be useless at best.

    So when we got home, I looked online to see what a 21" Sally runs: 5.78lbs!

    She nailed a 5 lb'er!

    And funny, I'd have estimated it at 3lbs. I've caught several fish that big this season. SEVERAL! I just suspected a 5lb bass to be 30" or something. LOL

    Gonna get a fiberglass mount for her. She deserves it. Stuck out some tough days this year and worked hard at cooperating on the boat. (Everyone works!) What a great end to an awesome season.