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They decide the office mate is better than their wife/husband... When they come home and announce it, the aggrieved spouse goes on a rampage...

They decide they are invincible after the office party...

They decide they can speed up and beat the yellow light...They neither see your blue lights nor hear your siren...

They decide it is the right time to teach the wife/husband/son/daughter/father/mother who's boss...When you come through the door, they turn and fire on you.

They decide it is the right thing to do to drink too much...that euphoria causes them to attack you.

They decide it is time to check out, but they don't have the guts to do it themselves...they point their gun at might hesitate, they don't...don't hesitate.

It is the time of year when every personal problem is amplified by the pressures of the job.

It's the time of year when families are suppose to be close, yet there is a crack that feels like the Grand Canyon.

It is the time of year when...etc...Y'all know.

More than many other segment of society, the pressures of putting on the uniform and working under the pressures of the street, supervisors, administration, government, take their toll on LE.

When the pressures distract, bad things happen.

So, it is this humble citizen's request...

Accept nothing as normal...

Treat everyone politely, but be prepared to kill them...(I know, not original)

Want to park and use your cell phone? Do it where no one can ambush you.

Driving in bad weather? You be the cautious one. Let the other guy who would have killed you kill him/herself or someone else.

Your wife/husband calls and reminds you of the many things you forgot to do. Politely and lovingly tell her/him y'all can talk about that when you get home at whenever. Then take a couple of moments to get over it and refocus on what's around you. Your wife/husband will appreciate your coming home so y'all can "talk about it".

Bottom line is this. There are many, many people in your lives who want you to come home every night. This time of year, people make poor decisions that might have a dramatic effect on your life.

Stay in control. Don't be distracted. Be responsible.

And, on Christmas Morning, hug your family for me and Mrs RussP. Do it again on New Years Day. Just be here on the 2nd of January.


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That about sums it up Russ. Even in prisons things can happen this time of year, or with the people who work them. Frankly I don't care for this time of year like I used to either. My father died right around Christmas, but at least not while I was a child.

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Man, your post is great, all of you guys, take care and don't drink too much eggnog :supergrin:

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