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It's the airlines, stupid!

  1. Blakey blames airline delays on scheduling practices
    Who's the next FAA chief?
    With FAA Administrator Marion Blakey closing her FAA office door for the last time on September 13, many members are asking who's next to head the FAA? Acting administrator...

    Jaws dropped during FAA Administrator Marion Blakey's farewell speech on September 11, just days before she officially leaves her post.

    About halfway through the speech to an industry group in Washington, D.C., she blamed airline delays on scheduling practices, not air traffic control. Further, she even hinted at government intervention if the airlines don't shape up.

    "The airlines need to take a step back on scheduling practices that are at times out of line with reality. Passengers are growing weary of schedules that aren't worth the electrons they're printed on. Airline schedules have got to stop being the fodder for late night monologues," Blakey said. "And if the airlines don't address this voluntarily, don't be surprised when the government steps in." Airlines look for scapegoats...

    (Updated: September 13, 5:06 p.m. EDT)


    Now, if I can only get ATC to quit spinning me to get in a couple more airliners. :supergrin:
  2. I was watching the boob-tube a few nights ago and although I don't remember the exact numbers but since 1970 commercial air traffic has increased approx FOUR FOLD yes that's FOUR FOLD since 1970. As far as I know (with the exception of some airport mods) it's the same old Chicago O'hara, Atlanta, JFK, LAX, SFO, etc, etc. You get the ideal........same old airports with FOUR TIMES MORE TRAFFIC than in 1970.

    It all comes down to "acceptance rate". Each airport has it's own acceptance rate based on it's runway configuration, how far apart they are, etc. Until a WHOLE BUNCH of new runways and airports are built.....well.....welcome to 21st century aviation.;)

  3. You know how to get priority over all those "pesky" airliners my friend? Become a "Lifeguard" flight.:supergrin:
  4. I know guys that have done that. :upeyes:

    Don't want the bad karma. ;)

    Not looking for priority, just first come first served. :supergrin:
  5. I here ya. During my 23 years with the FAA I really, really tried to do the "first come, first served" thing. Didn't always work out that way however so I see where you're coming from. Sometimes I tried to do "what made the most sense at the time" to me but the fella's in the Navajo's didn't see it that way. Oh well.

    FWIW, Marion Blakey is the absolute worst FAA administrator in the last thirty years. I'm retired but my wife is a current controller and she fills me in on all the dirty laundry between the controllers union and Blakey. Thank God she's history.

    I think I'll pop some rounds behind the shed. You aviators hang in there okay? :thumbsup:
  6. I agree with you about Blakely. I hope someone with a real aviation backround get chosen next. I keep meaning to go over for a visit with the TRACON and tower sometime. I'd love to know why they do what they do to me. I'm sure there's some big picture thing I'm not aware of. I had a friend at the FSDO once tell me" The airlines have priority and that is just the way it's going to be".

    Enjoy your retirement. You earned it. :thumbsup:
  7. I hear ya. I've been preaching we need more airports/runways for the last 15 years. I get people asking me about the "traffic" problem and do corporate/GA types really cause all the delays. Obviously they don't but when I explain this to them they ask what the solution is. It's pretty simple. More airports. The last 25 years all we've seen are the tree hugging wacko's and noise sensitive cry babies shut down airports. And the feds wonder why there's congestion. Even with more runways at existing airports, you can only cram so many flights into the same airspace and one time even if ATC was super staffed and upgraded. With the airlines all wanting to arrive/depart at the same times with multiple flights it's no surprise they can't make thier times. The only logical solution is more points to operate from.

    What amazes me is DFW. I've flown out of thier a number of times. They have the most runways and largest airport I've ever operated from. And they still line them up on the same runways with only the occasional use of the many alternate runways! What's up with that?