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It's that favorite time of year...

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Got a body to hide?
  3. Smell the wet leaves on the ground, at morning.....:drool:
  4. where's the Duct tape?
  5. Are those your fall colors?

    That looks suspicious like a Chevrolet seat....a Chevy Colorado seat to be specific.
  6. Sit in the woods with ear muffs on, wearing a goofy hat and cut para-cord into various lengths? Hey, I'm not judging.
  7. Take pumpkin carving pretty serious huh?

    It's under the hat.
  9. Nice colors. Which mount on the knife? tom.
  10. The earmuffs are to keep from hearing the woman in the trunk screams.
  11. Looks like a stalker starter kit, just add victim.:couch: :whistling:
  12. Be sure the fabric is scotch guarded.
  13. Ha-Ha....when the leaf peepers from away were all over the place last week, I put on my orange hunting cap, drive 20 miles an hour under the limit and keep my left blinker on....part of an old fall tradition here in my area.
  14. sheeeit our season's been open since august 15th. my processor has stopped taking deer due to having no more room. waiting on my call, got 2 up there ready for my freezer YUM

    down to 1# burger meat from last year's, so it's perfect timing.

    I cannot wait for some nice rare tenderloins for breakfast to start the day, especially now heading into day shift mmmmmmm, that's a good breakfast.

    bambi, it's what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. and snacks in between.
  15. Picked up side work as a crossing guard in Central District? Nice! I'd carry more than a knife though.
  16. Reported
  17. Seems to me TBO is hunting snipes, no idea what the earmuffs are for :)
  18. The ear pro is for running the wood chipper, correct? That's how you're getting rid of the body.
  19. And here i expected @TBO to have pumpkin spice
  20. He just wanted a word with ‘muff’ in it.
  21. I'll fight ya!

    How's Tuesday the 29th, around 2:30? We'd have to be wrapped up by 3, I have a goat yoga session.
  22. Loud knife?
  23. Daddy is bringing me ground venison when he and Mommy come down to visit.
  24. Are you from Maine? I read most of Stephen King’s books and whenever the story is set in Maine, his characters refer to every other state as “away”.
  25. Around here you are considered "from away" until the last person who can remember when you moved into town has died.

    I've been in my house 35 years, but there are still some who refer to my house as "that new place at the end of the road". Long memories unless you have lent one money or tools.
  26. Good for tacos, lasagna, as well as burgers of course.

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  27. Not a pumpkin spice Spam thread.:crying:
  28. Is there such a thing?
  29. I mix one part ground round with two parts venison so the burgers don't fall apart on the grill.