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As if I didn't already know that from being employed at the jail for nearly 9 years...but this is a different type of stupidity, one that you road guys usually see.

So, there I was, truck packed up with decoys, dogs, ammo, and shotgun. On my way to the great outdoors to try and bring home a wonderful Christmas goose (or duck, whatever flew in), and I jump up on the expressway.

Well, that's where the fun starts. I see a car smoking on the opposite side of the interstate (oncoming lanes). I think to myself, "Man, that's fricking cold out here, and his car is ****ed up."

No sooner did I think that, than I see flames coming up out of it. And he's trying to put it out with water...and fire isn't there, nor are they anywhere to be heard....great.

So, being a good little concerned citizen and member of the "I've got to do it, because somewhere, sometime, I swore to help people for some unknown ****ing reason" club, I pull over to the median and stop. We've got these nice little wire cable to prevent crossovers in the median (and to help kill motorcyclists, but that's just a side benefit), so I go under it, and jog the 100 yards or so back to the car that's now fully involved under the hood.

The guy is STILL trying to put it out with water, so I proceed to ID myself as an officer of some type or another (the badge is SO neat and shiny, isn't it?), and tell him it's pointless to keep doing that, and to move back. I also decided, in my great moment of wisdom, to call 911 and advise the hose jockeys of said fire....

So, after calling for assistance, and noticing EMS parked across the median from me, I make sure no one else is in the car, the guy's not hurt, blah, blah, yada yada ya....THEN I notice the cardboard box in his open trunk that has a full gallon gas can, plus assorted quarts of oil in it. Since we've not yet had an explosion, and I'd just as soon avoid that, I take the box out, and move it for him. While I'm doing that, EMS comes over and thoughtfully hands ME the fire extinguisher from their ride.

What the hell?

They can't put out the fire? Just because I'm wearing a badge doesn't mean I have to do it, does it?

Well, ****....I just can't stand here passing the damn extinguisher back and forth, so I give it a try, and it's too far gone to put out. I hand the waste of space EMS guy the damn extinguisher back, and wait for the REAL fire guys to come.

An off duty one stops, and blocks traffic, since people are just enjoying a Saturday afternoon, driving by the neat little car fire.."Hey, isn't that cool, kids? It's on FIRE!!" :upeyes:

So, my part in this little adventure is about to end, as numerous fire trucks are rapidly approaching, one even up the wrong way on the ramp a couple hundred yards ahead (pay attention, class..that's important). I tell one of the responding fire units that I'm out, since they can handle all this cool stuff on their own.

And, boys and girls, I walk back to my truck, parked down the way, on the other side of the median. Happy that the driver is OK, happy I didn't have to pull anyone out of a car, happy that it didn't take too long, and I still have time to get in the field and kill some birds.

That's when stupid strikes....

The VERY first person in the front of the line rolls down her window, and asks...I **** you not....:

"Do we have to wait here, or can we go around them?"

"Them" being the pretty fire trucks all lit up, and currently dousing an active fire 25 yards in front of this ignorant *****....I passed up the chance to say what I wanted to, and was nice about it. After all, it "could" come back to bite me, if I were to tell her what a dumb ***** she was, and that I was amazed she could remember to breathe...

I hate people....

Oh, and the hunting didn't go any better. Pond had 1/2 inch of ice on it, and when I waded out 2 feet off the bank to break it up, I sunk to my knees in the mud. Damn near lost my waders getting out of it.

I also forgot my calls at home.

**** it, I came home early tonight, bought a bottle of wine, and am hoping to get lucky later tonight! Be out turkey hunting first thing in the AM..hope it goes better than today did. ****ing stupid people.
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