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It's Not Always The Price of The Gun

  1. Was at the range a few days ago and took a very expensive 1911 9mm to have some fun with. Set the target up at 7 yards and used high quality factory loads. Didn't have a particularly good group, and everything was to the right. Not very impressive. After about 30-40 rounds folded things up and after tearing up my target, went home. Two days later back with my pretty new (less that a hundred rounds) Gen 5 Glock 19, and same target at 7 yards basically one hole, and all centered and 50 pretty accurate rounds. The Glock was stock, Ameriglo sights from factory and hardly broken in. Trigger pull a measured 4.1 pounds vs about 2 lbs on the 1911. About $3,000 difference in price. I don't think the sights were off on the 1911; I just shot the Glock better. I know, a really cool paper weight. And for years I was a 1911 guy. I have another 19 that is my EDC that I've fired several thousand rounds through plus taken a few firearms courses with.
  2. Expensive guns dont make you a better shooter just like expensive golf clubs dont make you a better golfer. They are just tools.
    You just may be a bit recoil sensetive after a long layoff with full power 45acp. I stayed off my 45 for about 2y & it took me a few mags to get comfortable again, but I would need 200 or so to get back up to my original accuracy level, especially if shooting at speed.
  3. Both were 9mm. A Glock 19 and a Cabot Gentleman's Carry. The Cabot is a beautiful gun, but sadly, I shoot the Glock better. Same with a CZ P-01. Like the gun, but double action/single action was never my favorite, like the Sig .40 I carried as a cop and while Sig is a good gun and I shot it OK, some guns you just shoot better; from good to really good. I have a Glock 48 coming in this week that I'm anxious to see how I shoot it. Similar to the 19 but a few less rounds. And I carry a 43, so the 48 will have more rounds than it has.
  4. I have a Springfield 1911/9, stupid accurate pistol for $900. I doubt a $3000 one would shoot better in my hands, maybe from a rest but? I love my g19, but nothing really has the trigger of a 1911 for me. Handguns are very personal things, how it fits your hands, etc. So I get that part.
  5. How much is it going to cost to fix the 1911?
  6. I hope it's not the sights, for what they cost. One thing about bill Wilson's guns; they all come with a test target showing one hole at 15 yards. At least all the guns that I have purchased from him. The Cabot didn't have a test target, but we'll see when I shoot it from a rest.
  7. Not to sound coarse, but are you just finding this out, or stating the obvious?
  8. Had the exact inverse experience. Just not a Glock Shooter...it is the jerk on the trigger!
  9. Neither. More surprised. Have been shooting for years, on a pretty high competitive level, firearms instructor in law enforcement and now civilian. At the Police Academy I had to instruct with the Glock 17 and hated the gun. Shot it OK, but simply didn't care for it. Had a 17 Gen 2 that I had picked up when they first came out, and found it was a zero, but admittingly had done most of my shooting with a 1911. Got a Glock Gen 5 19 after messing around with it at a gun store, and when I took it to the Range was amazed at how well I shot it Took it to a couple of pretty upper level pistol courses, having not fired it a lot, and again, did really well. Still liking my 1911's, was fascinated with some of the things Rob was doing at Cabot, and after several conversations with him, got the Gentleman's Carry in 9mm. Beautiful, gun, well balanced, although heavy for an EDC, but all in all a masterpiece. Took it to the Range a few times and again, did OK, but not great. Was in Florida for the winter and didn't shoot. Came back and when I went to the range here, took my Cabot. Pretty tight groups, but tended to be a little to the left, and not as tight as what I was used to. Only shooting at 7 yards, and I was unimpressed with my group. Started thinking that because of being away from shooting for a while, I had lost some of my skills. So took a gun that I knew I always performed well with (the 19), and had a group (one hole) that you could cover with your hand. About 50 rounds. Therein was my surprise; that my fairly inexpensive Glock, out of the box with no modifications, was shooting better in my hands, than my Swiss watch gun. I would have expected to shoot equally well with both, or considering the 2 lb single action trigger on the 1911, even better with it. Not so. Never thought money bought increased skill levels or from a practical standpoint, better performance. My 911 for me, does better on a race track (track days) than my SUV. Both get me to the grocery store in about the same time, though no doubt in my mind that Andretti would lap me on the track if he were driving a Ford Explorer. And yes, my Casio keeps better time than my Submariner. So more interesting to me than revelation.
  10. Probably more expensive to fix me. Interesting to see if I do better with the 1911 next time out. But that 19 is an incredible gun in my hands. Never thought I would feel that good about a Glock when compared to one of my 1911's.
  11. Having been a longtime 1911 and revolver guy, I took to TDA pistols with little tummy upset. The plastic DAO-ish pistols, with their scrunchy triggers, required a little bit of acclimating, but once you cut your teeth on a DA revolver, everything else isn't that much of a challenge.

    I still find my 1911's to be tack drivers, and my plastic pistols are certainly service-worthy (Glocks, 99's and M&P's) ... and yet I still like shooting my TDA guns, like my 3rd gen S&W's and my old Ruger KP90DC.

    If I put up some wooden clothespins to shoot off the edges of target cardboards, and I miss hitting them using any of my guns, it's not the gun. ;)

    (FWIW, hitting vertically positioned and oriented pins is easiest, followed by horizontally oriented pins, with diagonally angled pins being the most difficult, for obvious reasons, I'd think.)
  12. As a guy who came up on DAO pistols and got into 1911s after many years, When I took my Kimber Custom II 9 out for the first time I was amazed how much I crushed it compared to my G26 or 320 without even trying hard.

    My P320’s trigger spoils me for when I go back to my glock. My Kimber spoils me for when I go back and try to go shoot any of my DAOs well.