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It's just not right

  1. I reluctantly go to Orlando, feeling I should stay home and work, tank the 5 to G, start playing a game of "who's the fastest" with MLeeber and end up shooting my best time ever on the plates and set a personal best with the Unlimited gun. It's just not right..... :shocked:
  2. That's life.:supergrin:
  3. I think, since my heckling and competitive spirit caused you to accel, that I get half of all your winnings for the Orlando match. Sounds fair to me and I bet Don would agree!!!

    Good to see you and glad I was there for the record performance!
  4. It was fun, I doubt there will be anything to split though! :)
  5. looks like you might have to split a gun with mark!
  6. Well I guess I at least owe him dinner. :thumbsup:
  7. Excellent shooting! You got me in both MS and MU. I am gunnin for you at Ft. Benning though! :tongueout:
  8. Nice shooting there Jerry.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    Way to go Big guy!!!!!!!
    Awesome shooting there :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  10. Fireglock

    That is for sure some fine shooten the my friend. Way to go! Sorry I missed the fun. I could have called out the hits and score for you again! I miss doing that!:rofl: :tempted:


  11. You're right Mark, I do agree, and I think I may have harassed him a bit myself:thumbsup:

    Jerry, It's a good thing JJ went home Saturday otherwise he might have called your cell while you were on the line again.:animlol:
  12. Only with encouragement! :)