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It's 9/19, post your favorite 9mm

  1. In honor of it being 9/19, post your favorite 9mm firearm.

    CZ Scorpion

  2. C43826AF-CB52-4CC5-BEDC-F354F16548D1.jpeg
  3. This one right here. It was a long journey to get here but it's now my EDC. I've since removed the Talon grips and simply sanded down the very aggressive texturing on the grip so as to make it bearable to carry.
  4. Hmmmmmmm.......hard call...maybe this one - my basic M9 with Hogue wooden grips and no other changes.

  5. Awesome, did you cut off the Left side selector level?
    Mine, need to take new pics,

  6. . IMG_E0179.JPG
  7. Yup. I cut off the tang and sanded it to make it look like the aftermarket safety deletes. Turned out perfect and saved about $15.
  8. 20200725_154344.jpg cz p10f with aimpoint acro, parker mountain machine comp.and primary machine barrel. Streamlight tlr1 hl. Best shooting pistol I've ever fired.
  9. Nice.
  10. Either this or my sa shadow 2. DCA2FA03-5892-47C2-80F3-2DE82BD3129A.jpeg
  11. Also like the sa legion a lot. I have a thing for single action guns. 088C41C7-FFBE-4F82-9AB1-255B7B429804.jpeg
  12. 2nd handgun purchase; probably last i'd let go...

  13. My Glock 26.5
  14. Shadow2.jpg
  15. [​IMG]

    The Glock 19X tied with the HK USPc.

  16. This ones trigger is pretty sweet from the factory. A78FDB4F-8077-4164-AAE8-7483812D456D.jpeg
  17. G17 Gen5
  18. And my favorite Glock so far. EFF82AE2-82A8-4DB0-8F19-097DB9EE71BA.jpeg
  19. I don't get why S&W puts grips that have surfaces equal to 100 grit sand paper on their guns.

    Even with my Foxx grips they still are hell on bare skin.
  20. 20200630_232652~2.jpg
  21. I found this nifty one at GT Distributor's one afternoon. Although priced modestly at only $507.00, I wasn't able to bring it home.

  22. My G26 Gen4 with CT laser grips. Not going to bother taking a pic, you know what they look like. I trust my life with it every day.

    Can't stick one of those PC Carbines in your pocket.
  23. Holy crap!!!!

    I would have found a way to bring that home!
  24. 674AF915-1041-4C7F-A258-57A0140E81DD.jpeg
  25. All around= Glock 19 Gen 2
    Range= CZ 75 SP01 Shadow

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  26. I'm not down with the finger grooves.
  27. No.
    The ill loved and mostly forgotten Beretta 90 Two. Man people really loath this gun. Just read former posts on the Beretta forum. Lol.

    Anyway I have the 9mm version. Sweet gun. Grips are a little slick though. My only real “constructive” complaint.

    Beretta stopped importing them or just stopped making them a few years ago.

    It’s a keeper.
  28. Thats right. The “other” plastic grip panel Beretta. Totally forgot about it.
  29. IMG_20200123_073639022.jpg
  30. C50053AF-07F0-4B3C-90BC-840FE395318E.jpeg ED6D014B-8D76-4CCF-A7BA-F2D8CA68C57B.jpeg
  31. Does it look like this?

  32. Favorite Pistol


    Favorite rifle

  33. 2CF8CA71-0549-4BE6-AA90-95919DE55BA8.jpeg
  34. Probably the only pistol that came with a rail cover, which makes it even more sci fi IMO. The slide design is kickass tho. I've always enjoyed pistols with slides that are more artistically designed.

    My favorite is the boring PPQ.
  35. So many to choose from, but the Wilson is the favorite.

  36. [​IMG]
  37. I’ve been carrying this lately and really like it: 45E4BF9C-7B1B-4EE4-9752-EBC5E6DC5F0D.jpeg
  38. Really hard to pick just one but these are my favs,

  39. 0665B022-4834-4625-97C5-B3AED60F1193.jpeg
  40. FDE3D423-D0F4-450A-B0CD-72BFC40E2A70.jpeg My G45 hands down.
  41. Those are beautiful here is my 92x I haven't had a chance to do anything to it yet i would like to get wood grips but I can't seem to find any that are wraparound style to emulate the original 92 grip (vertec frame). I like the non vertec grip alot better.

  42. Maybe not the most useful and not shot very often, but it is my favorite 9mm I own.

  43. Same as it’s always been. The Beretta 92fs.

    Bought her the day I turned 21 and and she has been my love ever since.
  44. I have several favorites.
    Staccato P is at the top of the list.

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  45. [​IMG]

    My co-favorites.
  46. IMAG0776.jpg
  47. CZ P-09
  48. IMG_20191231_213519.jpg
    Nothing fancy but I shoot it pretty well.
  49. I have or have had a great many of the 9mm pistols that have been marketed in the U.S..

    My dead on most favorite is a straight from the box, Blued, S&W 39.

    I have never had any other 9mm fit my hand better.