It was a foggy night and the wierdest thing happened

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    Aug 20, 2002
    It was so foggy that I almost could not my hand at the end of my arm.
    I knew out that the bus was not comming so I had started to walk.
    No cars had passed. for what seemed like hours.
    I knew that I must be near deadmans curve.
    Then a car with its windows down slowly appeared out of the fog.
    I got in and saw that there was no driver.
    the car moved so slowly that even through the fog I could make out the warning signs for the curve.
    I was frozen in terror as the car got closer to what I knew was the edge.
    A hand appeared through the window and slowly turned the wheel away from certain death.
    In stark terror I jumped from the car and ran through the night.
    The neon lights from a bar glowed through the fog a weak beacon that promised safety.
    I drank two shots of fear killer and was just handed my third when the door opened and two large rough looking men entered.
    They looked at me and the smaller one spoke.
    He said," Hey Bubba there is the Idiot who rode in the car we were pushing!: