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It is "PINK" Month again, and I wonder if any of the money collected

  1. Really does any good. The WWE, NFL, and just moments ago I get an e-mail trying to sell me a Pool T-Shirt with a Brerat Cancer theme. I wonder how much money the "KOMAN" charity collects actually does into good causes, like helping women without insurance. Plus how much goes in to their staffs pockets, travel, rent, utilities, etc.

    Having at one time work PT for a very well health know charity back in the late 70's. Our exeucutive director made 110K, had a very lucreative expense account, and was leased a BRAND NEW top of the line Cadallic Ed Dorado Britz ever 12 months.

    Every October is Breat Cancer Month but I do not see much happening to find a cure, or preventive vacine. Think some of the medical charities need to start does PSA's public service annuouncement about eating right, getting exercise, cutting down, cutting down salt intake, cutting down fatty foods, or elimating junk & fast food.

    Might slow down all the new diabetics, heart disease, canders, high blood pressure, etc. Sure burger king, mickey d's, and other fat food joint would not be happy. But PSA's might help.
  2. What if there is no cure for cancer?
  3. I've been studying breasts for over fifty years now and done every bit pro bono. Some of you researchers ought to be ashamed.
  4. There is always a solution to a problem. Prevention, and life style change deminish your chances of becomeing a victim of cancer.

    I was at the VA maybe 4 years ago. It was my first appointment in podiatry clinic. I drew a intern from a local school of podiatry. I ask why he choose to become a podiatriast v/s MD, OD, or PA. He replied job security. I said what do you mean. He replied that diabetes is on the rise, and in 10 year it is projected that 35-40% of the population will be diabetic as the USA is getting fatter. He than said sooner or later ever diabetic will need a podiatrist.
  5. Sure, it won't hurt, but it doesn't apply too much to breast cancer. 5% to 10% is hereditary. That percentage is higher for men. Breast cancer is largely hormonal and the cause is basically unknown.
  6. I often think a lot of the pink ribbon stuff has to do more with feminism than healthcare.
  7. The vast majority of the women I've talked to, or have heard talking, in treatment say, "PLEASE STOP WITH THE PINK CRAP!! PLEASE!!"

    (And because I'm a rebel, I picked up, and put on my hat, a colorectal support pin. It's blue and looks like it might be a sports logo. I guess they're leftovers; No love for that cancer. Let's hear it for titties and bungholes!)
  8. Alot of charities use a lot of donations, to advertise for more donations. The word programs is a cop out word I honeslty would like a boarder explaination of what the programs are, and what they accomplish.

    One of my favorite veterians charities is run by all volunteers, no paid staff, and they accomplish a lot helping one vet at a time. No one in lining their pocket, or driving a big vechicle that is not their own car or truck.

    Our local Elk Lodge has a program to help transiting veterans, those leaving the military & return to civiklian life. Those who have complete drug & alcohol rehabulation, and are trying to start life again. Again all voulenteers doing good on their dime.

    Sorry too many charities & non profit are only free ride for those in top positions.
  9. A lifetime ago, a large group of my buddies and I participated in a motorcycle toy-run. We drove all over the county giving Christmas toys, trees and food to poor, destitute deserving families. There were hundreds of motorcycles participating and it was a very big deal. It was one of the largest runs in the state.

    The next year or so later, we happened to ride by one of those houses. They had a new deck larger than my property and, like, five new trucks in the driveway. On a hunch, we drove passed some of the other houses. Not much poverty going on there either.

    After some of my friends did a little investigation, we found out that everyone on the charity list were club members.and many of them were really quite successful. One of them was building a new house behind the crappy trailer they were in before.

    Well... it made us feel good for a while.

    I think many, many "charities" are just like that.
  10. We there are two type of charities good & bad. before donating your money, time or energy. Be sure the effort or fund is going to a good cause.

    I personally am involved with the Elks group that help homeless veterans, returning veterans transitioning back to civilian life, last veterans that have done a drug & alcohol rehabulation program and are trying to get a fresh start.

    I coordinate the collecting of unwant clothing, shoes, and other item the Elks give our. I help cordinatate donations of items necessary to set up an apartment like furnature, pots, pans and the rest of the stuff we take for granted. Then the Elks do the pickup, and store the stuff for distribution in their storage lockers.

    Last I collect books, magazines and they go to the local VA Hospital & State Veterans Home to be recycle for many readings.

    All of the people involved in these projects do it on their own dimes. We are all veterans & wife of veterans who are happy we made it home condition to give back.
  11. Since the Komen organization donates generously to Planned Parenthood, I doubt that it does any actual good.
  12. 8% of sales go to breast cancer stuff. You'd be better off just writing a check. You think that $150 shirt is giving $150 or maybe even $100 to the cause. Nope. $12. Just write a $20 check and move on.