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This is for you IT guys. A little background: Been a computer geek since my first Timex Sinclair and TI-99 4/A computers. Have been messing with them and building them for almost 30 years. I'm pretty adept at networking, web design, apps, but never got a certificate saying that I was. Been in law enf. for ~14 years as well.

I'm in the middle of an Intelligence Management degree with Henley-Putnam University, and should be done by next spring. All of the intel jobs I'm seeing are paying the most for computer security type stuff. With the IM degree and a LE background, I think that the resume would look good with computer security certs on there.

I'm not too keen on going through another entire degree program, as I think three is enough for now. That leaves a certificate program or boot-camp type class.

From what I read, I should probably work my way up through A+/Network+/Security+, then the MCSA/MCSE thingies.

Which way should I proceed? Would like to knock it out quickly, and I learn best under pressure, i.e. boot camp. Are those programs worth it, or should I just find a community college with a cert. program?

Any help would be appreciated. You can email me at [email protected]

Thanks in advance,


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fwiw and my 2 cts.

What do you want to do in the computer world an as far as security? find out what others are doing, go on a few interviews and ask what's needed for that job and then nail down that messing links? Study a systems or two, Investigate applications based firewalls, and host based IDS systems.

All of the things your mention A+ net/security etc.... and probably MCSE might not be a prerequisite for your career or position.

fwiw, I would look a linux + or some other UNIX before speding time on a net+, and then get cert recognized by SANs or a CISSP and then some type of firewall platform.

just my 2cts
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