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My 1995 buick lesabre was parked and it was hit by a phone using , well thats a story another time. Happened 5 hours ago. Needs both doors passenger side and some minor rear fender work plus mirror and hubcap. Police took info, her fault, my question is, i do not want totaled only 40,000 miles. I want repaired, what are my chances ? i guess an insurance man or body repair man can answer ? Really worried totaling it and giving me couple thousand, want repaired. Thanks

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You won't have a choice in the matter regarding totalled; if the cost to repair is within a certain percentage of the total value they will total it and you will get a check.

That said, many insurers will allow you to purchase the salvage vehicle from them and then you can use the check, minus salvage value, to get the repairs done.

Good luck!


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