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It’s Official!

  1. It’s Official, the G19x is THE BEST 9mm model Glock has come out with YET! Took my BN G19x to the range late this afternoon, SWEET! I’ve owned ALL the Glock 9mm models/ALL Gens since they arrived in US, the 19x is the best handling one YET. Get one, if you haven’t already.
  2. I dig mine a whole bunch.
  3. Congrats but my BGW is the best. Just saying. ;)

    All kidding aside, congrats and welcome to the 19X club! :cheers:
  4. Been shooting these GLOCK Talk monthly challenges with my 19X. I think it is an excellent pistol to train with, and that our military personnel would have been well armed with it. Over 3,000 malfunction-less rounds.
    Thanks for the post that confirms my decision to buy one too. The G45 probably should be the better pistol, but it's not Coyote!
  5. Another new 19x fan! Wish I had bought mine sooner, only had it for 2 months and about 600 rds. Like I've said before...Its like my 39 year marriage, didnt thing I wanted or needed it but after using and abusing it I love it!!
  6. Isn’t there a place on this site JUST for us 19x snobs? Oh how I hate mingling with the “Wannabe” crowd!
  7. Have to agree. Have owned many and shot most since the beginning. The 19X and now the G45 are my favorites. Something to do with the 19 slide + 17 frame and gen5 improvements.
  8. Sure, if you like a weird color and mag incompatability, it's officially the best. :duel:

    Otherwise get the G45.
  9. Love my weird color 19X :)
  10. Congrats on your new 19X!

    For me, the 19X and 42 are the two best pistols Glock has ever made.
  11. ANOTHER Jealous Wannabe!