It’s Official, Americans Will Work Any Job

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by robhic, Aug 30, 2018.

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    Too often is it stated, as if it is common knowledge, that Americans aren’t willing to work the same jobs that immigrants work, especially jobs that illegal immigrants work. The public is supposed to believe that without this constant inflow of low skill, low wage labor, the economy and overall labor force would collapse. A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies corrects this proposition once and for all. Americans are in fact willing to work, and do work, any and every job.

    Hmmm, interesting statistics. There are few, if any, "jobs that Americans won't do." OK, all you illegals can GTFO now! Vamanos!!!
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    It's not so much the willingness to work as it is the treasure trove of social assistance programs, incentives, deferments, etc that "undocumented aliens" receive. Not that much to do with work. One of the biggest lies ever told: "they are willing to do the jobs we won't." Like, if Mexicans don't show up, those jobs just won't get done. Everything'll stop. C'mon!
    A 10 year old can figure out the fallacy in that.
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    Those social assistance programs are abused by other ethnicities too.

    Need to do away with all of them except for the exceptional needy.

    Homeless begging needs to be addressed too. Shouldn't be able to make a living off of others handouts. Go to work! There's a job for everyone that wants one.
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    Feb 18, 2018
    Part of that is the continuous attack on the middle class. Recently here in Erie a news report was released concerning the jobs that only the immigrants will do here. $9hr to work in a plastic shop etc. If you don't make atleast $22 you can't afford rent let alone any necessities. The news reported never did inform the public that these immigrants are able to work these low paying jobs because they also receive many many government benefits both health and financial and housing as well. So they can afford to work for $9hr. Many of us can not because we have to buy our own health insurance pay our mortgage/rent taxes etc..... To top this off the owner of one of the companies interviewed who was praising the immigrants who work for such wages (whom he takes major advantage of by paying such low wages) drove off in a Bentley at the end of the report.
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    In my area you see a lot of Mexicans working in the fast food chains, mostly KFC and Long John Silvers and in the oil work over rigs.
    I have not talked to anyone in the fast food industry but those I have talked to in the oil industry said that one Mex would hire on and refuse to speak English. Native speakers would get frustrated because they didn't speak Mex and had the mind set of you are in America now- speak English. Next thing you know the whole crew is Mex. Good or bad, I don't know but that's the way it is.